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  • Great Man!

    A wonderful man. Good actor. Great singer.
  • tim mcgraw is my idol!! i'm soo.. in love with him!

    Tim McGraw is a great singer! when i was 4 years old, i memorized /"i like it, i love it\" it was my favorite song. Throughout the years, \"something like that\", \"indian outlaw\", \"best friend\", \"live like you were dying\", and all the other songs have been in my top 10 lists,, tim mcgraw is by far.. the BEST singer eVERR!!! he\'s very talented, faith hill is a very lucky woman! she\'s also a great singer but,, tim mcgraw is like... 10 times better! i love him soo much! hes handsome, and like.. the bestest singer i\'ve ever heard! i really wish he would go on tour!! && COME TO HOUSTON!!! i\'ve never seen him in concert but,, thatz my goal in life!