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    • Tim: (in 2009 about his family) I try to be home in the evenings. I really like being there in the morning. Of course, it's frustrating with three daughters, because nothing is ever right. Somebody always cries about their hair. I can braid and do ponytails, but my wife does it better.

    • Tim: (about being considered "hot" by female fans) That's a running joke with me and my band! Even the ugliest guy in a band has a chance, because he's in a band! It's just something about being on stage and being famous, I guess. But you take it with a grain of salt, because you know that the exact same people who act like that at concerts, you could run across the street and say hi to them, and they probably wouldn't act that way.

    • Tim: (when asked if he will keep working and touring when he's old) No way. I'm not gonna be doing that. Uh-uh! I'm gonna be fat and fishin' like Elvis somewhere one day!

    • Tim: (about voicing his opinions in the public eye) Do I feel I need to be careful about what I say? Not really, because unless it was something that really concerned me, in a passionate way, or affected me in a real direct way, I wouldn't say it. I certainly have opinions about everything, but I don't think that I necessarily should use every opportunity I have to say things.

    • Tim: (defending the widely unbelieved notion that his wife Faith Hill was only joking when she had an angry on-camera reaction to losing at the 2007 Video Music Awards) It was just hilarious. It was completely silly that anybody would think that anybody - even the meanest person in the business - would do something like that for real. Even a person that really meant it would never do anything like that on camera. So for anybody to think that she was being serious, it's just ridiculous. It did piss me off, that people thought that. Even the biggest a--hole in the business wouldn't do something like that, and mean it.

    • Tim: (on "Flicka") I said, 'No!' when the script first came. I didn't want anything to do with it. I didn't want to play a cowboy, being a country singer. Even when I'd start rehearsing the lines with my wife (singer Faith Hill), I'd tear up and couldn't get through it. As much as I tried to say no, I couldn't talk myself out of it.