Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows


2/5/1961, Highland Park, Michigan

Birth Name

Timothy Lee Meadows


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Tim Meadows is probably best-known for his work on Saturday Night Live. He was married to Michelle Meadows and stayed on SNL for nine and a half seasons, a record at the time of his departure in 2000. He has had many roles in movies and Saturday Nightmore


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    • [On his first year at Saturday Night Live]
      Tim Meadows: My first year, it was all heavy hitters. It was like being put on the Olympic Dream Team. I was like, 'I'll play guard.' 'Uh, no. We have Michael Jordan to play guard.' 'I'll play the other guard, then?' 'No, we have Larry Bird to do that. We just want you to bring the ball up the court and get it out of your hands as quickly as possible.' It was hard at first. But at a certain point, the performer in you comes out.

    • [On his character of Leon Phelps]
      Tim Meadows: I can honestly say there's not a day that goes by where somebody doesn't come up and tell me how much they love the Ladies Man. It happens every day.

    • [On why he did the movie The Cookout]
      Tim Meadows: For me was the chance to work with Queen Latifah. The chance to work with Danny Glover, Farrah Fawcett, and the fact that they were going to pay me with a check that was going to clear.

  • He was pretty funny of SNL and then kind of got worse but after being associated with Lil Bush I just lost all respect for him.

    The fact he has to be on sone 2nd rate propaganda TV show is sad, sure the ladies man wasn't funny, but couldn't he get into a Sandler movie or do something with other new or old Saturday Night Live casts members. He could even start something new with someone else, he doesn't have to live on Saturday Night Live his whole career, but this show just shows a desperation to work and that his career may already be coming to an end before it even really had a chance to be really good. He could have been in a couple of funny movies because he was pretty funny, but he choose to persue this dead end route.moreless
  • Former SNL who never became anything.

    I never found the guy to be anything special. In fact, Meadows is a classic example of an average SNL star. A person that although is part of the show his name would hardly come up in conversation (unlike Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman).

    Looking at his post SNL career it looks mediocre at best. They did a movie about his "Ladies Man" character from SNL the movie failed miserable. His other movies are all forgetabble. He is not Eddie Murphy or anything like that. Ultimately, I find him to be a very forgettable personality and one of the more below average performers on SNL.moreless