Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin


10/7/1975, Northampton, UK

Birth Name

Tim David Minchin


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Tim Minchin is an Actor, Musician, Writer and major Rock 'n' Roll Megastar. He was born to Australian parents in Northampton UK, and moved to Perth, Western Australia when he as 1 year old. Tim has written three different shows, Darkside, So Rock and Ready for This? He…more


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    • Phil Jupitus: More people get killed by bees every than sharks.
      Tim: Yeah but sharks have the statistical advantage of not being where we are nearly all of the time.

    • Tim: I don't believe just 'cos ideas are tenacious it means that they are worthy.

    • Tim: Love without evidence is stalking.

      Tim: Burning a book is like burning a bra. After the adrenaline of this symbolic moment is over all you're left with is a pile of ashes and unsupported boobs.

      Tim: If a person or an institution are held sacred by too many people, then they are by definition beyond criticism. And when a person or an institution becomes beyond criticism, it seems they slip inevitably towards corruption.

  • My personal review on Tim sorry i go on bit :)

    Tim Minchin is a fantasic singer, actor, comedian, and all round music player and writer. and also DOWN Right Sexy heehee. Basically i found him on youtube and one day and 2 hours l8r after watching his work and ordered tickets to see him live. This is how much of an impression he has left on me. If your not reglious and open to dark humour and just so happen to love aussie', ull adore this man!!!. I've seen him live in manchester, amazin, so i decided to go again, runcorn fabulous. And i thought o just one more time, 3rd time brilliant. and that i decided to go to London big deal because im from the north west and once again Fan Frickin Tasic. Honestly if you r lucky enough to anywhere near to when he's live Go!! Best time of my life! "It's not as sad as it sounds. but its pretty F**king close."moreless