Tim Minear





10/29/1963 , New York City

Birth Name

Timothy P. Minear




Tim Minear is a popular writer, well know for writing, directing and producing for a number of popular series for television. His most recent, Wonderfalls, was cancelled after less than a season by Fox, the same fate that befell Firefly, his previous series. Tim was a signficant member of the Angel writing and directing crew for 3 seasons and became a fan favorite, known for bumping off characters with relish.

Early in his career, he was the Story Editor for a season and a half on the syndicated series "High Tide" for which he wrote a number of episodes, under both his own name and the pseudonym Chris Baena.

Tim Minear is remarkable as a very kind and fan-conscious writer who takes time from his busy schedule to answer e-mails, do interviews, and field questions on official fan boards as well as other news groups and discussion boards. He's also been a featured speaker at Drexel University, an X-Files Con, the Atlanta SF DragonCon 2000 and the Los Angeles Comic Con in 2003 with the Firefly crew and in 2004 with Wonderfalls producers and some of the unaired episodes. Work is pretty much finished on the writing of a screen adaptation of Robert Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," and Minear's attention is now turned to reformulating a Fox series, "The Insider."