Tim O'Conner


Tim O'Conner Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Tim is a close friend of pro skateboarders Jason Ellis, Tony Hawk, and Bam Margera.

    • Tim is a contributing writer to many magazines and websites.

    • Tim lives in Philadelphia, PA.

    • Tim's Top 5 Comments That Have Gotten Him Into Predicaments:

      1. Telling a bunch of hoods "f–k you" when I was far away from my friends. I got nice and beat up.

      2. Almost everything I say.

      3. Yelling at people out of a car window and then hitting a red light. I just lock the doors and laugh hysterically, 'cause angry people are funny people.

      4. Telling a girl I love her and want to buy her a diet cola. Then finding out I'm standing right next to her boyfriend.

      5. Answering my cell phone drunk and saying, "This is Tim O'Connor, I'm wasted and at a strip club." It ended up being my girlfriend who was calling me.

    • Tim started skating at the age of 10.

    • Tim's sponsors include Habitat skateboards, Adidas shoes, Venture trucks, Liberty Boardshop, and Quiksilver clothing.

  • Quotes

    • Tim: (his advice to everyone) Drink your own urine at least once. And poo in public while making eye contact with a stranger.

    • Tim: (about a fight he was in) I got jumped by a bunch of hoods in S.F. And got wacked over the head with my own pro model skateboard. But I did throw one guy on a car in the middle of the road with people in. Then some girl that was with them was talking 'ish so I told her " shut the fuck up you wench!". Then a fat kid punched me in the eye and I left. It was a good time. I got out of the mix basically unscathed even though there was about 8 of them. I got my board back and got to call a girl a wench to her face. I'm glad it happened.

    • Tim: (when asked his favorite travel story) Probably the time when I let a deer lick my right testicle and then a couple of minutes later that same deer beat the shit out of Ryan Gee.

    • Tim: (when asked his skateing influences) Mike Carroll, the original plan b line up. Guy Mariano, Natas, Brian Lotti. Most of my friends growing up and my friends now that are good and I guess....influential.

    • Tim: (about his favorite time in skating) Before skateboarders were ever rich and everybody was a dirt. Before skaters cared what car they drove. Pretty much in the real early 90's.

    • Tim: (when asked if he gets extra attention from women after he skated on MTV in a thong) Jumpin' Jehosafats yeah! Ever since that thing aired on the T.V., when I drive down the street I have to put on my windshield wipers to swat off the women throwing their delicious bodies at my car.

    • Tim: (about how he stays fit) Is it a combination of rigorous stretching and training, or do you just eat lots of fiber to stay loose. I have sex with naked ladies to keep the muscles away from atrophy.

    • Tim (about when asked his New Year's resolution) Yeah it was to make fun of everyone else's New Year's resolutions.

    • Tim: (about an injury) My other brother threw a full soda can at my face, and the rim of it hit me in the upper lip. Got some more stitches for that one. I also tried to ride my brother's Gator board and clocked myself in the bottom lip with it. The cut went all the way into my mouth and I got stitches again.

    • Tim: (about an injury) I fell at a Canadian skatepark ramp and slit open my arm on the edge of the metal at the bottom. Got a couple moose hair stitches to seal up that gash on my limb.

    • Tim: (about an injury) While attempting a back Smith on a miniramp, I fractured my lower right prepubescent arm to where the bone popped out of my skin. My arm looked like a f**kin' whammy bar. Right after I did it, my friend's dog jumped on me and was trying to lick the bone marrow sauce out of my bone. That's not a lie.

    • Tim: (talking about his injury) I have sprained my left ankle so many times I've lost count. I think I sprained it Pi times. Anybody who knows me knows that I can sprain my ankle just by staring at the mo' fo'. That joint is chronically merked.