Tim Reid





12/19/1944 , Norfolk, Virginia USA

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Tim Reid born December 19, 1944, is one of the greatest African American actor and film directors of all time. Tim Reid is known mostly by his role in television programs. Tim Reid starred in roles such as the hip DJ, from "Venus Flytrap" on WKRP, in Cincinnati, he's also greatly known for the hit television series, Sister, Sister, Simon & Simion, and Snoops. Tim Reid is married to Daphne Maxwell Reid, together they both own and run the New Millennium Studio's in Petersburg, Virginia. 1988 was a great year for Tim Reid, he won an award from viewers for Quality Television Awards Actor in a quallity comedy series "Franks Place", he also recieved outstanding lead actor in a comedy series. Tim Reid has directed television programs, and he continues to strive for the best.