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  • Squeeze Play

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 11 - 12/17/90

    A former baseball star with mounting gambling losses is blackmailed into stealing memorabilia to pay off his debt.
  • Brotherly Love

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 10 - 1/6/90

    A teenage boy tries to protect his brother, a drug user who accidentally killed his dealer and stole $200,000 in mob money.

  • Dead Reckoning

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 24 - 3/18/88

    Bobby continues his romance with Kay; Jenna has second thoughts about sending Charlie to boarding school; Ray helps a woman in distress; Cliff and Casey Denault meet; Clayton tries to explain Laurel Ellis to Miss Ellie; Nicholas Pearce warns away Aprilmoreless
  • To Have and to Hold

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 23 - 3/11/88

    April's apartment is invaded; Miss Ellie finally confronts Clayton; Cliff self-medicates; Charlie faces repercussions from her actions; J.R. asks Ray to buy into Weststar; Kay Lloyd comes to Dallas to see Bobby
  • Friends

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 4/6/87

    MacGyver's friends throw a birthday party for him, but he's somberly reflecting on his past and future. While reflecting, MacGyver decides to leave the Phoenix Foundation to get married and have a family. Can Pete convince him how important he is to the Foundation and get him to change his mind?moreless
  • Jump

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 11/24/86

    On his 45th birthday, Willie feels unfulfilled, so ALF suggests he go skydiving.
  • A Prisoner of Conscience

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 21 - 4/30/86

    Pete needs to get the daughter of a Russian dissident out of the Soviet Union, and MacGyver volunteers his help.
  • Flight on a Dead Pigeon

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 11/9/84

    A degenerate gambler who raises carrier pigeons is murdered for refusing to let a gang of drug runners use them as repayment for his marker. His young niece seeks out Hunter to find the killers, who have taken the birds and want to kidnap her.

  • Steel

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 11 - 11/29/83

    The A-Team are hired by Mickey and his niece Randy to stop the sabotage at Mickey's construction site, after Mickey is almost killed there by his rival Carl Denham who's behind the sabotage. The team have to work out why the site is so important to Denham and just who he's really working for.moreless
  • The Final Verdict

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 12/3/82

    A shy accountant who "cooked the books" can help clear a friend accused of murder, if Michael can find him before the police do.
  • Created Equal

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 10/10/82

    Arriving in Italy in 73 B.C., the pair discover that Spartacus is being sent to die in the arena in Rome, altering history and preventing him for leading the slave revolt in Capua.

  • Avenging Angel

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 3 - 9/26/79

    Kelly sent a heroin addict, Frank Desmond, to jail 4 years earlier when she was still of the police force. Soon, friends of Desmonds drug Kelly in order to get the last of the heroin that was never recovered.moreless
  • The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (2)

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 21 - 5/29/79

    Humans who have been 'possessed' by these pyramid aliens search for an alien criminal who has the power to shape-shift into anyone, even Wonder Woman.
  • Angel Blues

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 2/8/78

    After freaking out during a concert, country-western singer Amy Waters calls her father to say she's coming home but ends up dead. The Angels investigate the mysterious death and uncover a shocking secret about her life.moreless