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  • Best actor ever!!

    I think he's the best,:D

    He was great in lie to me, it got cancelled :(
  • Wow I miss him

    Love his acting think we need to see him in many more shows. He was great on Lie to Me and his facial expressions are intense in a good way!! Miss him
  • Great actor.

    Loved him on "Lie to Me'. Funny.
  • A great actor!

    Tim really can pull off an American accent like nobody can. As he is a great but underrated actor. That hopefully will become a star on "Lie to Me." Where he gets to keep his British accent. Loved him as Charlie Starkweather in "Murder in the Heartland." He was in his early thirties playing the 19-year old Starkweather. But if you overlook the age difference, and only notice the acting. You feel that Roth is way too convincing. He has played great villians that you love to hate. But in a good kind of way. Here's hoping "Lie To Me" will work for Roth.
  • This show rocks! Tim and the crew are awesome! just bring back more of the side by side screen using real people Please!!

    I love this show! Tim is awesome and the rest of the crew is too! I love how he tilts his head when he is reading someone! I try to guess who's telling the truth and who is not..I follow the show weekly and try to remember what signs to watch for..I use it in my life and it's crazy how true the signs are!! Just one thing I'd like to see more of..besides Tim:), that is the side by side screen using real people! My guess is you caught a lot of "stuff" from the Obama episode, which was one of my favorite episodes! Please bring it back it works!! I told so many friends and family to watch because of the side by side screen and it's only happend once since!
    If some people cant handle the truth, then tell the truth and watch you finger:) Tim and crew keep on rockin'! You guys make us 40 somethings have something "cool" to watch!
  • Good acting!

    I enjoy the character played by Tim Roth. I enjoy watching this program. He comes across as a sharp witted man. the accent is very appealing. He has the ability to display compassion and smarts. I like the unshaven looked, he carries it very well. He seems to have controlled emotion and yet you feel he could jump at any moment. This is the first program that I have enjoyed watching since Law and Order came on the air years ago. I do not watch much TV, my daughter turned me on the this show and I enjoy it. Thanks!