Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon


6/4/1976, Ontario, Canada

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Montreal native Tim Rozon has assembled a number of wide-ranging roles in short films, television and movies of the week. His film and television credits include a principal role on the A&E movie of the week The Great Gatsby a lead role on the GPA feature film Pure,…more


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    • Tim: Fans are great, and if they're fans of the show I really want to meet them. I mean, they like what I'm doing, and I think that's amazing. When I do something, I just hope that people will like it and be affected by it. If they want to come talk to me, then I've got all the time in the world to talk to them.

    • Tim: When I was a teenager I was quiet. I'd sit in my room and play guitar. I was cool before grunge was cool. You know that quiet, sensitive kid who plays guitar? That was me, before grunge made it popular to be that guy.

    • Tim: I had no idea about Iran, I really didn't. I didn't know anything about it, as most Western people don't. I went there, and it was the most life-changing experience I think I could ever have. It was so amazing. The people were beautiful, warm and giving.

    • Tim: That's the best part of being an actor though, learning new things, like different instruments or driving fancy cars.

    • Tim: Nothing is as comfortable as Instant Star. Nothing. It becomes almost too comfortable. Movies are always different because they're new. New character. New crew. New challenges.

    • Tim: My best friend wanted to open a restaurant. I said sure and we opened. It's the best thing I ever did with my life.. I'm super blessed to have it. My 2 partners are my friends and I love being there. It gives me balance in my life. I work so hard when I'm there. It takes up so much time and energy its crazy but its worth it... Anyway i need to work. There are 2 types of bees, worker bees and queen bees... I'm a warrior bee!!! ( how cliche was that)! I love it. Sometimes people who come to the restaurant are suprised to see me working so hard. What do they want me do? Sit around and try to look cool? I bartended seven years of my life. I like being behind a bar. It's a good balance to my actor life.

  • Believe it or not, I actually loved this show, and still do. I was looking through the guide on my digital cable, and I had seen that the reruns were playing and I got really excited. Tim,if you are reading this,you are absolutely fabulous. Never give up!moreless

    I gues I had to write the rest of what I wanted to say in the review column. Now, I know I sound like a forty year old woman, but trust me when I say, that I am only twenty three. I love music, music is my life, and I have to say that if Alexz's cd was here in the united states, which it probably is somwhere, I would buy it, because I love her voice. People just don't appreciate music anymore, and the show, which is about music, brings it alive. Keep making more episodes. Love the show!moreless
  • What a hottie ^_^

    Hold on while I faint for a minute as I stare into his picture on my Instant Star desktop wallpaper haha! Tim Rozon is smoking hot haha. His acting is brilliant and his character is brilliant. If you can't play out your character then you're not a good actor and Tim Rozon can definitely play out his character! He's so cute during his emotional scenes. When he cries I cries. Sappy but true. This man has my heart and key haha. I love this man as crazy of a fan as I am. Him being on Instant Star is what makes it terrific haha.moreless