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  • Believe it or not, I actually loved this show, and still do. I was looking through the guide on my digital cable, and I had seen that the reruns were playing and I got really excited. Tim,if you are reading this,you are absolutely fabulous. Never give up!

    I gues I had to write the rest of what I wanted to say in the review column. Now, I know I sound like a forty year old woman, but trust me when I say, that I am only twenty three. I love music, music is my life, and I have to say that if Alexz's cd was here in the united states, which it probably is somwhere, I would buy it, because I love her voice. People just don't appreciate music anymore, and the show, which is about music, brings it alive. Keep making more episodes. Love the show!
  • What a hottie ^_^

    Hold on while I faint for a minute as I stare into his picture on my Instant Star desktop wallpaper haha! Tim Rozon is smoking hot haha. His acting is brilliant and his character is brilliant. If you can't play out your character then you're not a good actor and Tim Rozon can definitely play out his character! He's so cute during his emotional scenes. When he cries I cries. Sappy but true. This man has my heart and key haha. I love this man as crazy of a fan as I am. Him being on Instant Star is what makes it terrific haha.
  • I know Tim Rozon as Tommy Quincy on the show Instant Star. He is my favorite character on that show and my review will tell you why.

    I'll start off by saying that the Show Instant Star is about Jude Harrison who is a 15 year old girl that wins a contest that is equivalent to today's American Idol. This contest launches her into sudden stardom. The seasons carry us through her 16th, 17th, and now 18th birthdays. Tim Rozon plays her producer. He also happens to be the love of Jude's life, being sexy and charming. However, Tommy's bad boy lifestyle makes it hard for him to show his very requited feelings for Jude. The fact that she was a minor until the very last episode did not help either. Tim Rozon gives a mesmerizing, asthetically pleasing performance as Tommy and I cannot wait to see what happens this Friday, although to be honest it doesn't look good lol.
  • I Guess Everyone Likes Him :)

    O My God ! He is just SO CUTE ! I watched instant star for the first time and i thought it was like every other show, but as far as i know there is no other show with guys as hot as he is :D (L)(L) Like so many said : he can make you feel whats happening, and i think thats so special about him ! ! I think he is just an amazing actor , and he is very hot :p it doesnt matter he is 30 :O:O:O But he is still SO cute -X-x-Yrah-x-X-
  • His talents exceed most of the newer actors in the buiz!!! He has the total package.. charm, style, & attitude. He is definitely an untapped endless possibility! Tim Rozon is Awesome.. You should check him out in action.

    His talents exceed most of the newer actors in the buiz!!! He has the total package.. charm, style, & attitude. He is definitely an untapped endless possibility! Tim Rozon is Awesome.. You should check him out in action if you haven\'t already. I honestly believe he is more talented than Brad Pitt and definitely HOTTER!! He has soulful eyes that bring you in and affect all your senses. You can see how dedicated he is to his acting by his ability to make it real. Honestly, he needs more exposure and keep the close-ups coming. Lots of Love Tim!!!!
  • I am totally in love with Tim Rozon.Words cant express how beautiful he is.He is the best actor that ever lived.I just feel he is so great.

    Hott ,sweet,stylish what more can I say.Tim Rozon is the best actor.He is so kind.I love him in Instant star.I love to look at his pictures.I hope him and jude will be together.I read an interview from popgurls from last year and it was 9 pages long and I printed it.From that you just get to know a little more about him.He isnt only a georgeous face to look at he is unique.He did a movie in Iran .Also, he got bit by a scorpion but he still joked around about it.He loves leather jackets.He hasnt been w/anyone since instant star.Thats what the interview stated.Moreover,Tim Rozon Rocks and I like him alot.
  • Tim Rozon is an o-so-hott and talented actor.

    Tim Rozon is an o-so-hott and talented actor. He has been in many different ranges of films and TV shows, and my personal favorite, Instant Star. He plays Tom Quincy aka \'Little Tommy Q\" in this show, an ex-boy band member and producer for newcomer rock star Jude Harrison. I noticed that they did\'nt have any Biography listed for him. I can\'t find one anywhere. I did however find a little peice on ctv.com
    Montreal native Tim Rozon has assembled a number of wide-ranging roles in short films, television and movies of the week. His film and television credits include a principal role on the A&E movie of the week, The Great Gatsby, a lead role on the GPA feature film Pure, and a supporting role in ABC’s Crime Of Fashion. He has worked in a handful of episodic television roles, most notably guest starring in three episodes of MTV’s Undressed and two episodes of TeleAction/YTV’s Fries With That.

  • this is about a girl named Jude Harrison who wins a singing contest


    this is a awesome show!! i cant wait till the new season starts in january! its gonna be awesome..

    i dont like how jude is with jamie. i mean they are cute together but everyone knows that her and tommy are gonna be together. well they better because they are the cutest couple ever (well in the show) i wish i could find a guy like tommy.. :( who agreesss
  • What a terrific actor and what a total hottie!!! I first saw him in ABC's See Jane Date - then he hooked me on Instant Star....wow.

    Tim Rozon is a total hottie! I'm so hooked on the show, Instant Star, simply because of him (and the teen mellow drama is sinfully fulfilling somehow :) ) His role is so well written and he plays it superbly. There are so many emotional arcs to his character, he just makes it his - puts his own special spin on it. When he's with Jude - he makes you want to beg for them to get together; when he does something that hurts Jude - you want to smack him. He is able to make you feel the way Jude must feel. Plus, another benefit, he's definately easy on the eyes... :)
  • I love Tim! Did you know he was in "See Jane Date" on ABC Family? He was the cute waiter! He's so adorable, and I love him as Tommy! I want him and jude to get together, but he's 21, and well, she's 16...oh well! We love them anyway!

    Tim Rozon is a fantastic actor! When I first saw Instant Star on The-N, I noticed him and thought he was adorable! Tim is the type of guy that you could stare at forever and never get tired of his gorgeous gaze...Last night I watched "See Jane Date" on ABC Family, and in one scene at a resaurant, Tim came out as a waiter! I recognized him right away, and was so excited to see him! Of course, all of the ladies in that scene were commenting on how cute he was, and I agreed! He looked fantastic as always!
  • How can I not give him a perfect 10???

    Tim Rozon...perfect guy! Absolutely gorgeous and handsome! Not only does he have the looks, he\'s got the talent as well. He\'s a very well-rounded individual. He\'s able to act, sing, play the guitar/piano, etc. He\'s also quite athletic. I can\'t say enough good things about this man. Perfect 10, no doubt!
  • He is a great actor!

    He is a GREAT actor and he is gorgeous too! Hope to see him in many more places in the future! I'm still wondering if he is going to go out with Jude on Instant Star. I guess we will all just have to wait and see! You\'re great Tom!
  • Love the show.

    I dont normally sign up for anything like this.. but i had to make a statement about this man. The first time I saw the show, Tim Rozon literally blew me away. I dont know him personally, but he seems to have pretty much everything going for him. He\\\'s definetly star material, and I wish him only the best.
  • he is one of the hootest actors out there right now!!! it's awesome!!!

    He is so gorgeous and he is doing an excellent job on instant star!!! i watch that show religously because he is on there!!! i wish i could meet him in person!!! Is there anyone out there that does not know him... it would be awesome if instant star and degrassi like intertwined for an episode to make like a music video, kinda like what Kevin Smith did with the episode that he was on for Degrassi with Jay and Silent Bob!!! That would be fresh, and i hope that the producers thought of doing an episode like that and i wonder how many people wouls watch it!!! with Tim Rozon producing the mucsic video of course!!! i also would would like to see Tommy and Jude have like a secret relationship hook-up because of the kiss that happened likw twice!!! but nobody like know about it though!!!i wonder what the producers think? maybe the two shows could intertwine and do like an opera!!! that would be cool too!!! what other big movies or shows will he be doing?
    Can you tell me personally? i would like to know!!! please?
  • He's amazing!

    Tim Rozon is an amazing actor, especially on Instant Star as well as his other movies and tv apperances. The way he brings Tom Quincy to life is truly remarkable. You can tell he really has a sense of what he is doing. Not to mention how totally HOTT he is. Tim should definitely continue acting!!!
  • GREAT ACTOR!! I love watching him on Instant Star!

    Absolutly a great actor! I loved it in "Unsweet Sixteen" right before he kissed Jude...you can tell he really gets into his character. He's talented and gorgeous! Very cute. Hopefully we'll see more of him in other shows or movies. Because hes great to watch on screen! You can tell he really loves what he does.
  • Tim Rozon is definately one of the better actors. Not to mention one of the better looking ones too...

    Now this is a guy with talent. When I first saw him in the TV series "Instant Star" lemme tell you I was wowed. I mean, the first impression you get is just like every other actor with a pretty face, but you can see that he really got into his character and he made you believe that it was real. In "Unsweet Sixteeen" he really had me going. You looked into his eyes and could almost see pain there. He's convincing and he's got one of the most gorgeous voices I've ever heard. I like listening to him talk, it's very soothing. He's also an EXTREMELY attractive guy. I think he'll definately make it bigger. His performance has given me a sort of respect to the kind of work he does. It can't be easy to have his job and then real life's drama in the mix. He's definately one of the best I've seen.