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  • Thirty eight years ago I was directed by Tim Steele in \"The Witch That Stole Thursday\" and his magic only got better after that.

    I had occasion to work for Tim Steele on an hour long children’s special titled “The Witch Who Stole Thursday” in 1968. The script was written by the man who became the soul of the Muppets and a true gentleman, Jerry Juhl. I was a mere twenty year old aspiring actor at the time and Mr. Steele was actually one of the best Directors and teachers I ever had. My recollection of him is not his stature, but his voice. The show was shot on 2 inch videotape in black and white and the voice of the director boomed at us from the control booth as if it were a disembodied voice from beyond. Tim was one of the funniest people I have ever worked with. I couldn’t wait to get on the set every morning and didn’t want to leave at the end of a fourteen hour day. I have since watched every episode of “Night Court” Tim was involved with and can see his magic at work in each one. There is a certain spark that was his and his alone in those episodes. “The Witch Who Stole Thursday” is not listed in his or Jerry Juhl’s credits and that is a shame because it was special. I searched for years and finally found a copy of the tape and was excited about sending a copy to Jerry on DVD, with whom I have corresponded periodically over the years, and I learned of his passing last September. Tim, if you are out there and see this, I’ve got a copy for you as well. Just let me know where to send it.

    Pete Pollard