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    • Tim: (on guest starring on "Xena") My fight with Lucy was great fun; she beats me up! She`s very handy at hand-to-hand combat. It`s all `Movie Karate` and stunt fighting, but it`s huge fun! Xena`s production company (Renaissance Pictures) make it easy on the actor. You go down there, do your job and work hard. You laugh, have fun and swordfights.

    • Tim Thomerson: Stand-up was something I originally did for myself, just to see if I could pull it off. If I could get five minutes together maybe I could do Carson [The Tonight Show]. Everybody's dream at the time was to do Carson or Griffin [The Merv Griffin Show] back then. And I did that. I did Carson twice. He was really nice to me. He's a really nice guy. He kept mispronouncing my name. (laughs) It was a real treat for me to do. I was able to do it for myself and I pulled it off.

    • Tim Thomerson: The world will take care of itself, it's the people that you got to keep your eye on.

    • Tim Thomerson: I've been an actor for 25 years, so there's certainly a bag of tricks that each of us have. It's just what I do for a living. It depends on the character I'm playing at the time. I try to live up to the way I was trained as an actor. I figure I owe the audience a good performance.