3/10/1971, Norfolk, Virgina, USA

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Tim Mosley


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Acclaimed hip-hop producer Tim "Timbaland" Mosely began honing his craft at age 19 under the tutelage of Jodeci soundman DeVante Swing. Eventually he hooked up with Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Playa, Ginuwine and Magoo, forming the hip-hop production crew, Da Bassment. In 1996, the collective produced Ready for the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Timbaland won in the category "Choice Music-Rap Artist".

    • Timbaland and Monique Idlett married on June 10, 2008, with the ceremony taking place with them both wearing sweat pants. They later had a more lavish wedding in Aruba in front of hundreds of guests.

    • Timbaland is a music producer and a rapper.

    • Sista (Missy Elliot's girl group) and Timbaland & Magoo formed a group and became known as "Da Bassment" crew in the early 1990s.

    • Timbaland helps out with spreading AIDS awareness. He even worked with other talented artists and produced We Are The World, a song that brought attention to the AIDS pandemic.

    • Timbaland performed with singer Nelly Furtado at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. The two performed the song Promiscuous, and after their performance, he told the audience to not be promiscuous.

    • Timabaland was featured twice on MTV's Making the Video. Once with Justin Timberlake and once with Missy Elliot.

    • Timbaland's discography includes:
      Under Construction Part II-2003 Indecent Proposal-2001 Tim's Bio-1998 Tim's Bio: From The Motion Picture Life From Da Bassment-1998 Welcome To Our World-1997

    • Timbaland's business partner is rapper Magoo. Together to two make the hip-hop duo Timbaland & Magoo.

    • Timbaland's younger brother is rapper Sebastian.

    • Timbaland's childhood friends included rappers Missy Elliott and Magoo.

    • Timbaland got his nickname after the Timberland boot which is popular in hip-hop fashion.

    • Timbaland was originally a disc jockey known as "DJ Timmy Tim".

    • Timbaland has helped to create some of the most successful songs in modern pop music and urban music, including singles for Aaliyah, Bubba Sparxxx, Ginuwine, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Utada Hikaru, Ludacris, and Nelly Furtado, and more.

    • Timbaland is also known as Thomas Crown.

    • He considers Virginia Beach, VA as his home base.

  • Quotes

    • Timbaland: Your health is more important than everything else. I fly private so I can stick to one aircraft rather than have to sit with a bunch of people coughing and sneezing - that way I know what I'm dealing with. But you can't get better if you don't rest, and I've been going constantly, non-stop.

    • Timbaland: (about singer Aaliyah's death) She was like blood, and I lost blood. She was a brilliant person.

    • Timbaland: I'm focused. The labels done ate off the fat of the land. I see there is this whole big land that ain't been touched, and I gotta grab all the tomatoes.

    • Timbaland: All my artists will have the best of Tim. They'll get A-quality.

    • Timbaland: Justin [Timberlake] came to me and said, 'Can you do four or five [songs]?' And me and Justin had a chemistry when we worked together.

    • Timbaland: I make artists and get the profit.

    • Timbaland: I wanna be selective-very selective. Right now hip-hop's very boring to me. It's no excitement.

    • Timbaland: I do albums. That's what I get a kick out of, making a whole project complete and selling the whole project for what it is.

    • Timbaland: It don't benefit me doing just a record. I'm used to getting a number one record, that ain't nothing.

    • Timbaland: All the other stuff out there ain't creative. It's just a bunch of lollygags.

    • Timbaland: Hip-hop is the same ol', same ol'. I can do a beat and keep doing it, but it's not the same.

    • Timbaland: I'm a real producer and somebody need to tell them they can't do it like I can.

    • Timbaland: My mission is to take over top-40 radio and reach all types of people.

    • Timbaland: When you become the best like me, you never fall off, you just lean back.

    • Timbaland: I don't never fall off. I just relax like a vampire in the coffin. When I wake up, you better be prepared, because somebody is going to get bit on the neck. Next thing you know, I have a slew of vampires running around.