Timothy Busfield





6/12/1957 , Lansing, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Timothy C. Busfield




Timothy Busfield was born in Lansing Michigan. His mother, Jean was the director for Michigan State University Press, and his father, Roger once taught theater arts in university.

He attended East Tennessee State University, where he appeared in his first production as Puck, in Robin Goodfellow a children's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He apprenticed at the Louisville Kentucky Actor's Theatre. He also traveled and performed in Europe in a New York rendition of Getting Out. He continued to work in theater in New York, including being the understudy for Matthew Broderick in Neil Simon's Broadway production Brighton Beach Memoir along with A Few Good Men, and Founder. He also started his own non-profit business, Fantasy Theatre, a company of five actors who solicited plays from California school children, ages 7-14. Timothy picked out the best, re-wrote them and had his group perform them for elementary and junior high schools.

Busfield was a young actor when he first appeared on television as Richard Mulligan's son on the sitcom, Reggie (1983). He followed up by joining the cast of the medical drama, Trapper John, M.D. (1979-86) for its last two seasons. Tim Busfield has also appeared in such TV-movies as Strays (1991), and the interesting drama Murder Between Friends (1994). His most notable Television series role was as Elliot Weston on the ABC series thirtysomething from 1987 - 1991. He was nominated for an Emmy every year the show aired, and won one for Best Supporting Actor in 1991. Tim Busfield is a diverse actor who can play the irresponsible guy to the caring family man.

In addition to acting, Busfield has directed many television shows from thirtysomething to Ed and First Years. Timothy held a recurring role on the series The West Wing for its entire run and is starring in Sorkin/Schlamme's new TV endeavor; Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Timothy has been married twice: Radha Delamarter, an actress and director (until 1986) and Jennifer Merwin, a fashion designer, whom he married in 1988 but who started divorce proceedings in 2007.

He has three children: Wilson (or Willy), (b. 1982) from his marriage to Radha, and Daisy (b. 1989) and Samuel (b. 1991), from his marriage to Jennifer.

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