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  • Someone please keep him on tv!

    I have not seen everything Timothy Busfield has done, probably not even half. I'm writing concerning two roles I love him for. Danny on The West Wing and Cal on Studio 60. Timothy makes his delivery for humorous and serious dialogue alike, look absolutely effortless. I would even use the word flawless. Both characters were very much alike. Honest, driven and almost childlike in their sincerity. Noone else could have pulled off Danny's persuit of CJ, or Cal's snake under the stage disaster. Any other actor in the CJ persuit probably would have come off creepy, yet he came off incredibly sweet. The snake disaster probably looked rediculous on paper, but so believable without being stupid with Cal at the center of it. It's sad that both shows are off the air now. Maybe a Danny or Cal spinoff wouldn't be such a bad idea, as long as the writing and supporting characters are fine enough to support this high-callibur actor.