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  • Tim Daly is versatile, talented, incredibly good-looking and, oh yeah, continually underrated by Hollywood. He deserves better and so do his fans!

    Tim Daly is my absolute favorite actor. This is a guy who can actually act, is versatile, and has achieved enormously overlooked popularity with fans worldwide. Oh, and need I even mention that he is extremely attractive to women? I'm really fed up with seeing the same faces year after year getting cast in every Hollywood film while this brilliant actor is repeatedly slighted. Tim Daly is long overdue for the more big budget film roles, and of course as the lead. He also deserves a lot better than the horrible treatment he's received in the last couple of years from a certain network - uh, one that prematurely cancelled \"Eyes\" which was accumulating a large following and has now put another of his brilliant shows (The Nine) on hiatus. C\'mon Tim fans...let\'s let the industry hear us...enough is enough already, right? We love this guy!!!