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  • Trivia

    • While starring in Wings, Tim appeared in 3 of NBC's public service announcements The More You Know. His topics were substance abuse, violence prevention and a teacher tribute.

    • He was nominated for a SAG award in the category "Best Actor in a Drama Series" for his work on Fugitive (2000)

    • He began his career working in summer stock productions.

    • He has a BA in theater and literature.

    • His Off-Broadway debut were in in Fables for Friends (1984)

    • Both he and his wife, Amy Van Nostrand, won the DramaLogue Awards in the category "Best Actress and Best Actor" for The Colorado Catechism

    • Tim was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2006. He is found in the "Sexy Men with Glasses" section.

    • His sister is actress Tyne Daly.

    • He is the son of James Daly and Hope Newell.

    • He graduated from Bennington College in Vermont.

    • His height is 6' 1" (1.85 m)

    • Tim is perhaps best known for the role of Joe Hackett on the TV Series Wings (1990). He beat out Kevin Conroy for the part, with whom he later worked on the animated Batman/Superman series.

    • Tim Daly currently resides in Providence RI with his wife Amy. His son Sam goes to Middlebury College in Middlebury VT and plays #22 on the college basketball team for Middlebury VT. Tim's daughter Emelyn is currently in France taking up an academic year abroad to study French.

    • Tim has been married to actress Amy Van Nostrand since 1982. They have 2 children, a son named Sam, who was born in 1984, and a daughter named Emelyn, born in 1989.

  • Quotes

    • (On providing the voice for Superman) Timothy Daly: Initially, I thought: "Oh, this is a fun little job doing a little cartoon.". I didn't realize the grave responsibility that was bestowed upon me.

    • Timothy Daly: I've found that the majority of my work is just a series of grunting, groaning and straining noises. Because, you know, Superman is forever getting clobbered with force fields, nuclear weapons, trains -- whatever large, blunt, heavy objects are at hand to clobber him. I have to dig deep for those special noises.

    • (In reference to the animated appearance of Superman) Timothy Daly: I look great as Superman. I am so buff.

    • Timothy Daly: America's a fantastic country and people get to say what they want, but nobody has to listen to me -- what ... do I know? I'm just an actor.

    • (on his preference between TV and film)
      Timothy Daly: There's a common misperception in the public and a lot of times with journalists that there's a difference between television and movies. And there isn't. It's the exact same thing. There are film cameras, there are crews, there's lighting and there's acting. The only difference is - well, sometimes not even that. I did this thing for HBO called From the Earth to the Moon and they certainly spent as much money on that as they do on a feature. I go to where the material that's available to me that I think is the best. That's been largely in television. That's sort of I guess partly luck of the draw and partly where my path has taken me.

    • Timothy Daly: I always travel with a little tool kit because the first thing I do when I get to a hotel room is remodel. It just makes me feel a little bit more like I own the joint. I literally have rearranged all the furniture, unscrewed things, hung pictures in different places. In one hotel I was just in, to watch television from the bed you would have to lie diagonally with your head at the bottom corner of the bed. I had to unbolt that TV immediately and switch it around.

    • (on the effects of Superman on children)
      Timothy Daly: When Superman comes along with his red cape and his blue outfit, it works on such a primary level. Here's this guy who wears no mask. He's very positive. He tries to help everybody as much as he can. I think readers and especially children gravitate to that. They know they can trust this guy.

    • (on the scariest thing that's happened to him)
      Timothy Daly: I was arrested for murder once -- that I did not commit, obviously. I was 16, and I was doing summer stock. I was driving a truck in Providence, R.I. and I was pulled over by a police officer who put a gun to my head and handcuffed me. The guy said, "What's in the truck?" I said, "Costumes, make-up and scenery" and the cop said, "Yeah, buddy." Meanwhile, I was practically soiling myself.

      I must have looked exactly like the guy driving a similar vehicle. Anyway, all these other cop cars showed up and a cooler head prevailed and took the younger guy, who pointed the gun at me, aside and chewed him out, then apologized to me.