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    • Timothy: If you think of yourself as a storyteller, as I do, you want to do a full-length feature. So I feel that if there was an opportunity to direct projects and there was a guarantee to it, I could leave acting behind and I don't think I would miss it.

    • Timothy Hutton: Generally speaking, actors who are 'on the radar', so to speak, have done enough work and have been seen enough to at least be considered for a part. There are always things out there that you are being called about and so you know that if you really want to work, the opportunities are there.

    • Timothy Hutton: My dad placed higher importance on us being friends than anything else. I don't think he ever said to me, "When I was your age..." There was none of that. We were friends on an equal level. There was a tremendous amount of respect for each other. With other kids it would be, "Oh your dad's out of town, let's have a party." With me, my dad would be at the party.

    • Timothy Hutton: (on the appeal of being a stage actor) You have the whole day to yourself, and then you go to the theatre. It's also a great way to catch up with old friends: 'Come to the play, we'll have dinner afterwards.'

    • Timothy Hutton: Acting is being able to look at a situation and romanticize it for just a second, let your imagination go. But it's deadly if you do it all the time.

    • Timothy Hutton: (on the fan/actor dynamic) [It's] them knowing you and you not knowing them.

    • Timothy Hutton: (on not letting being in the spotlight make it harder to have a relationship) I don't let it. Hollywood relationships are just like relationships everywhere. It doesn't matter what you do for a living.

    • Timothy Hutton: I think it's a tried and true formula to appeal to, or exploit maybe is a better word, people's fears, those things that we fear the most and see happening in the news, these terrible stories of tragedy that happen to people. There's a fascination with these dark things that happen, we can't help it.

    • Timothy Hutton: (on the trend of movie actors coming to television) I think it's saying that television is where the material is. Not to say that there isn't great material in movies, but with the ground-breaking shows that have happened recently there are opportunities to do material in television that perhaps is more difficult to get a movie studio to make.

    • Timothy Hutton: (upon receiving the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor [Ordinary People, 1980]) This is for my dad. I wish he were here to see it.