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  • Perfect on everything.

    Great actor. Love him.
  • Great tv program, Great actor!!

    Justified is a great program!! Exciting, full of action and witty intelligent roles. I really love it and I hope it continues for a very long time!! Timothy Olyphant is a great actor, one of the best in my opinion. I had saw him in small roles here and there and finally discovered how great he is in the HBO series Deadwood, which I hate got cancelled after only 3 seasons!! I do still hate HBO for that reason and I dropped them from my direct tv line up because of it LOL!!! Keep up the great work Mr. Olyphant and every one associated with Justified!! FX rocks!!

  • OMG, what a great show, lol


    This is seriously one of the best shows I have seen in a long, long, long time, I very sad to say I will be missing this new season, as I can no longer afford to stay with Direct TV and it is not offered in an affordable package with my new provider Dishnet Work but it is an awesome show, cant beleave it doesnt have a higher rating it should be 10 all the way , Love,Love, Love Timothy Olyphant, damn what a good actor and surprising sexy in this series as well, keep up the good work, I will just have to buy the series when it comes available, what up FX you have great shows, dont be so damned hard to work with as far as streaming and cost, you sold out to Direct TV onDamages and from the last season it seems you also lost the original wrighters, because it sucked a== after it was moved from FX to exclusive Direct TV, bad move guys, you had real winning show there, dont make the same mistake with Justified

  • Highly underused and underrated actor.


    Timothy Olyphant caught my attention first in Scream 2. I enjoyed him as "Mickey, the freaky Tarantino film student." and thought that he should go far. Then he just had small parts in things, like Gone in 60 Seconds, and then he did Hitman, and Deadwood, and Justified, and he is back on Hollywood's radar. I don't know if the man wishes to be a celebrity, but I do know that he is incredibly talented and attractive, and I hope that I can see him in far more shows or movies.

  • I was unaware of the actor, Timothy Olyphant, until deciding to watch, Deadwood, on HBO. He looked familiar, however, although I couldn't remember where I'd seen him before.

    Turns out he played a forgettable role in a terrible movie called The Girl Next Door. After Deadwood, he would never be forgettable again. There is a calm,a stillness that he brings to his characters. You never know when he will erupt, but his temper gets the better of him sometimes and like a volcano, he does erupt. His roles can almost be said to be interchangeable, the Sheriff in Deadwood, the killer in Hitman, the evil genius in Live Free or Die Hard and Marshall Raylan Givens in Justified. Buthe plays them so well, you don't really mind. And as a bonus, he will occasionally show us his funnybone, as he did in the movie, Go, and more recently as a top salesman in the sitcom, The Office. I, for one, cannot get eough of this gifted actor.
  • I think timothy is one the best actors on tv or movies, he was great in deadwood and even better on justified. The movie a perfect getaway he was great in it and in the crazies he was wonderful he is also a very hot and sexy man wow..........

    I think timothy is one the best actors on tv or movie, hoe was great in deadwood and even better in justified. The movie a perfect getaway he was great in , and the crazies he was wonderful he is also a very hot and sexy man wow..... I the movie a perfect getaway he showed his ass that was a nice treat show more i also saw hitman he was good but i didnt like the no hair look. I wish someone would tell me when the 2 season of justified will start ,the have to know by now tell us.