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    • Timothy: (on 'Deadwood') The fact is, this job is always fun, always a good time, but it's not that often that you can be as proud of it as I am of this experience. We just had a great time making it too.

    • Timothy: (On filming portions of 'Hitman' in Istanbul) Istanbul was unbelievable! What a city! I could go back there again and again. That was a fascinating place. It was a very foreign experience. But yeah, that is one of the perks of the job. You get to go places that you'd never imagine and see a part of the world you hadn't considered before. It was great.

    • Timothy: My wife and I have lived everywhere from a little tiny beach town to New York and L.A. and we look back and realize, 'you know, we were always pretty happy' so you just create your own community. I've been really lucky that way.

    • Timothy: (on his 'Catch and Release' co-star Jennifer Garner) She's just a lovely person. She's a real pro. She knows everybody's name. She's on time. She's one of those people that, despite being a major star, she's one of the guys. And I really appreciate that a great deal because, for me, this was an opportunity to play a role I'd not played with a big star and she made me feel very relaxed and at home.

    • Timothy: (on why he gave up swimming) As the saying goes, Bruce Jenner is a millionaire, and Mark Spitz is a dentist. It's the wrong sport.

    • Timothy: (on his role on Deadwood) It's a dream job... It's exceeded all my expectations--and my expectations were pretty high.

    • Timothy: It's changed throughout the years, but at one time I was a really big bubble gum ice cream fan. I'd spit the bubble gum pieces in a cup and then collect them.

    • Timothy: Larry Kasdan has made some of my favorite movies of all time so just to be working with him was a pleasure. Now that I have, I not only respect his work but I just love and respect him as a person.

    • Timothy: People love to be scared. I guess it's a primal deal.

    • Timothy: Who could not have liked The Shining? It's like one of the greatest films of all time. Another great one is Misery.