Timothy West

Timothy West


10/20/1934, Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Birth Name

Timothy West



Also Known As

Tim West
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Born to parents who were both actors, Timothy's career began in 1959 when he started working with repertory companies in England. He made his debut in the farce Caught Napping. Timothy's first TV role came in 1960 when he took the part of Charles Hayter in an adaptation…more


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  • His star always shines from Brass to The Alan Clark Dairies.

    Timothy West is a versatile British actor noted for his command and presence on the British stage. He has also stretched to many other mediums including radio, film and TV. Timothy West was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, on October 20, 1934. Tim was the son of actors Lockwood West and his wife Olive (Carleton-Crowe). The couple was performing at the time of his birth. He made his London debut at the Piccadilly Theatre in the comical farce "Caught Napping" in 1959. Since that time, he as been in many popular projects on stage and TV. In 1980 he won the RTA award for Best Actor in Churchill and the Generals. He is known for great roles from lighthearted comedy of Brass to the intense drama of Edward the King.

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