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  • Tina Caspary is a former American teen actress and a current choreographer and dancer. She gained moderate attention in the late 1980s with Can't Buy Me Love.

    She grew in Southern California and has worked in every facet of the entertainment industry. She is the older sister of choreographer/dancer Dee Caspary and is now married to Ryan Cyphert.

    In the mid to late 1980s she had many minor roles in teen movies. Her first role was as a dancer in the critically aclaimed 1982 movie Annie. In Combat High, Caspary starred alongside George Clooney. She had minor, still important roles in Can't Buy Me Love (also starring Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson) and My Mom's a Werewolf. Prior to that she appeared on TV series Silver Spoons. After starring in My Mom's a Werewolf, Caspary quit acting and focused on her career as a dancer. She had appeared in music videos of Red Hot Chili Peppers. She was a principal dancer on the Academy Awards for five years with Debbie Allen. More recently, Tina Caspary launched a line of dance clothing called Katrina Activewear.

    Caspary/Carson controversy
    According to E! True Hollywood Story: Married... with Children episode, Tina Caspary was originally cast as Kelly Bundy on the popular FOX sitcom "Married... with Children", along with Hunter Carson, who played Kelly's TV brother Bud Bundy, but the producers thought they didn't exactly fit the roles, so they replaced Caspary with Christina Applegate, and Hunter Carson was replaced with David Faustino. Recently on the Internet there are many sources that are stating that little known (until the 2000s) fact. A video, that shows some parts of the original, unaired pilot was uploaded in 2007 on YouTube. Many are critical of that change in cast. According to them, Caspary was 'dumped' not because her acting was bad or she didn't fir the part, but because Chrisitna Applegate had connections in show business (her mother is an actress and her father was a record producer). While many people agree that Carson realy didn't fit the role of Bud, they feel that Tina Caspary was better at portraying Kelly Bundy on the unaired pilot episode. "She even did that funny face when she says good bye to Peggy and Al on the pilot, whether Applegate had a too serious face and sometimes even looked angry or fed up with the series." This annoyance origins of the fact that funny grimaces are considered appropriate for a sitcoms like Married.... It is fair to say that the change of cast before the actual start of the sitcom was virtually unknown with audiences and general public until the 2000s, when it was revealed in the E! True Hollywood Storyseries. Soon, the unaired pilot (or parts of it) was uploaded on many video hosting websites like YouTube. That caused a certain amount of backlash by some of the Married... with Children fans.