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  • She is the best ever

    She is so gorgeous and the most adorable woman ever. She always make me feel happy and cheerful with her joke.
  • Daria's IRL equivalent.

    I like Tina Fey, she's cool, nice, sarcastic, calm, outgoing, and nerdy just like Daria! She's great at comedy, acting, being ironic, and making laughs! 30 Rock, her own great show. Wow... Nice. One of the greatest women in the world.
  • I noticed several things while scanning the reviews done previously for Tina Fey. One was that the last one was done in February of last year.

    Thought it might be time to reiterate a few things. This superlative writer, producer, comedienne, and actress has carved a niche for herself in a very crowded field. She is uniquely, and multi-talented; equal parts mimic, satirist, stand-up, and sketch artist. We've seen her wonderful ad-libs during hosting duties, watched her spot on imitations of celebrities (a certain former Governor of Alaska immediately comes to mind), and enjoyed the sketches penned for SNL. When we think of 30 Rock, many of us first see Tina as Liz Lemon in our minds. She is the heart and soul of the show - without her, no one would shine as brightly. This includes the wonderful Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowsi, and Tracy Morgan. Young women who wish to break into comedy, whatever the medium chosen, will owe a debt to Tina Fey.
  • Tina Fey currently has the hit comedy "30 Rock" on her hands, but was also responsible for success movies like "Mean Girls" and "Baby Mamma."

    Tina Fey has emerged as the most fresh and original of modern comedians. With hit television shows and movies, she has redefined comedy through her superior wit. Not only has she proven her incredible writing skills and sense of humor, but Ms. Fey writes, produces, and stars in her projects all at once. Now an Emmy and Golden Globe winner, the recent A-lister seems to be making all of the right moves currently and shows no signs of stopping. For those who questioned her spontaneous magic and claimed it would vaporize quickly, they can still wonder.
  • Brilliantly multi-talented, and loyal.

    Tina Fey is a gift to comedy and television. There are few people who demonstrate the cleverness and creativity of this woman. In a world of generic, cookie-cutter reality shows Fey's 30 Rock is a breath of creative air. It is no mistake she was so quickly made head writer at SNL. She has not only comedic talent as an actor, but a sharp eye for understanding society and describing it in a way that is funny, and also insightful. Tina Fey crams so much information and cleverness in her shows that you have to watch them more than once to get it all. I am sure the NBC folks get even more because there are sure to be inside jokes to which we are not privy. It is more than that though. As you watch her shows you realize that Tina Fey is a loyal supporter of her friends and collaborators. We often hear that entertainment is a cutthroat business but Tina Fey's projects demonstrate her abiding loyalty to her friends. She looks out for them and she gives them opportunities. She is like a Michael Jordan of comedy in that she makes her teammates better. This is admirable and is another reason to respect this intelligent and talented woman.
  • Very funny and very smart

    Tina Fey certainly has her own sense of humor she is very smart very quick and sometimes makes a few off color jokes which is great. 30 rock is diffenatky one of my favorite shows on televison the characters are hilarious and the script is genius she does an amazing job with the writing. She also had great roles in Mean Girls and Baby momma. She has admitted that she was a nerd which is funny because now she has her career and she in movies she might still be a nerd but now shes a rich, successful nerd, go Tina Fey!
  • Tina Fey is my personal hero. She's proven herself a successful writer, but also a very talented actor as well. I think what makes her so great though, is her comic genius.

    Tina Fey is my personal hero. She's proven herself a successful writer, but also a very talented actor as well. I think what makes her so great though, is her comic genius. Her comedy isn't just funny, it's smart. You can tell that she is a bright person with a solid understanding of current events and an ability to look at issues critically. As a young woman, I definitely consider her an inspiration. I hope that more people continue to discover her current project 30 Rock. The show is an excellent example of what she is capable of. The writing is fantastic and the cast is amazing. It's one of the few shows that I absolutely cannot miss. I can watch the episodes again and again and it just gets funnier. I think that Tina Fey is definitely someone people should keep their eye on.
  • Tina Fey is head-writer, cast member, and current Weekend Update co-anchor on SNL.

    Okay, everyone has to give Tina Fey a lot of credit. She broke through SNL's infamous "boy's club" to become the show's head writer, in addition to becoming a Weekend Update co-anchor (first with Jimmy Fallon, and currently with Amy Poehler). Although she doesn't appear in many sketches, both her acting and the material she writes are hilarous. Also, Tina wrote and appeared in the hit movie "Mean Girls" starring Lindsay Lohan. She also has a tv show in the works, and anyone can tell that Tina is extremely talented, and her career will go on to be more amazing than it already is.
  • Tina is amazing at everything she does. I listened to her commentary in Mean Girls and she has the same sense of humor as me. She is amazingly funny and talented and is a great actress.

    As odd as this sounds, If she were 17 like me, she would probably be my best friend. She has an excellent sense of humor, histerical jokes, and amazing acting abilities. She helped write mean girls and was absolutely fabulous in it. Something about her just makes her the funniest person in the room. I can't even get started on how good she is in SNL because this review would go on forever. She is flawlessly talented.
  • Tina is VERY talented! Both as a writer and a performer. She makes me laugh all the time. She's very underrated. She's the biggest reason why I watch SNL. Weekend Update is the best part.

    Tina is VERY talented! Both as a writer and a performer. She makes me laugh all the time. She's very underrated. She's the biggest reason why I watch SNL. Weekend Update is the best part. She did a great job on Mean Girls. She was hilarious on ASSSSCAT. I don't understand why some people don't find her funny.
  • Tina Fey became a regular on SNL when she and Jimmy Fallon started doing Weekend Update. She went on write and star in 30 Rock, a sitcom about the production of an SNL type show.

    She has been one of the few bright spots SNL has had in the last decade. She did a good job on weekend update with Jimmy Fallon, and she did even better with Amy Poehler. She is very funny, and I love 30 Rock. The show is pretty well written, and she put together a great cast. She is also very sexy. She is very attractive physically, but her sense of humor and her intellect are her best attributes. She is a comedic genius, and she has excelled at every given opportunity. She is one of the few women in show business who has several tools. She is attractive, but she is also very funny and very intelligent.
  • The Queen of Comedy

    So this woman, is hilarious, has a unic style and i love her!!!!

    I used to love Saturday Night Live because she made it great, now i just dont see the point on it..

    I love her style, and the fact that she is a woman and a geek, so who says smart people cant be funny????

    By the way i think she made a great job with Mean Girls, thanks to her, that movie is one of my personal favorite...

    About 30 Rock, is not what i expected, but i watch it everytime i can, you know because of support!!! so as a Recap, Tina Fey RULZ!!!!
  • Great comic.

    Good actress/writer. Funny.
  • empty

    Tina Fey is a wildly talented actress on "Saturday Night Live" and now, "30 Rock." Her ability to pull off comedic roles is second to none these days. She is also quite a witty writer as proven in her sharp, dark comedy, "Mean Girls."
  • Tina's got a number one fan

    On tuesday, Tina Fey made a guest apperance on The Ellen DeGenerse and for year I didn't made a confession, but I'm in love with the actress, despite the fact that she's married and has a kid. It's too back, because when i saw her on Ellen DeGenerse, she was very beautiful and dress in a black outfil. I can't take my eyes off her. she's very beautiful. i just too bad that she's married. I fell madly in love with Tina. But as you look closely at tina, does she look like Megan Mullally? I think so. Otherwise, she's a hot woman.
  • Such a great writer and perfromer

    Mean grils has got to be one of the best films of this decad for sure! Tina fey wrote such an amazing movie. To write something that great you have got to be a freaking genius. That is the best comedy movie in years. Saturday Night Live is also well written. It shows just how great Tina Fey really is. I can't wait to see her new show. I bet it is going to be fantastic. Definetly one of my favorite comediens. And to top it all off she is actually very pretty. She is just such a talented person.
  • Girl Power

    In a wolrd dominated by men (I mean comedy, not the actual world, that's not the issue) this lady can do it as the greatest.
    She's got a smart humour of an unique kind and. One of the best things about her is that she's also a writter as well as a performer.
    Not to mention that she is totaly hot.
  • Funny to the bone.

    Tina Fey is funny. I watched Saturday Night Live with her writing some of the bits and I have to say some of it was great. I especially liked her as the weekend update anchor. She was really hot with the glasses and her hair. I enjoyed watching the show just to see the bit. I must say that I don't like the new show of 30 Rock. I don't find it funny, but I can't tell you why. I will say that she is very talented and I am happy that she has done well in her career outside of SNL. Thank you.
  • Very funny and cute!

    I will miss Tina Fey when she moves onto her
    New show and that she and Amy Pohler made one
    Heck of an anchoring team becoming the first all-female SNL team to anchor the "news!" LOL!
    Great writer and also am glad for her success!
    Sometimes you have to leave something in order to take a risk if you know what I mean!
    Very funny and cute if you ask me!
  • Amazingly talented.

    Tina Fey is an incredible woman. She's brilliant! Her writing is hilarious, and generally upbeat. The message in Mean Girls is chocked full of good old fashioned values, but it's masked by Fey's hilarious writing. I love it. Fey must leave wonderful impressions wherever she goes. I attended the University of Virginia, and not a week went by, where I didn't hear one particular Drama professor talk about Tina. Though Fey is leaving Saturday Night Live, I am confident all the other projects she is working on with flourish. 3rd Rock is pure genious. The woman is a legend, paving the way for women to step up to the plate, muster up strength, and live life to the full.
  • One of the greatest reason for SNL Decline

    Geez it takes a lot of skill to take the number one comedy show and turn it into the worst show on Television. But she has done it. I have never laughed at anything she has said or wrote. Maybe she should consider another career that doesn't involve being funny.
  • Horrible Comedien.

    This woman is responsible for why SNL sucks. She is unfunny and untalented. This woman should be taken and beaten until she learns to be funny. I'm not saying she's the sole purpose for SNL's Decline, I'm saying she's partially responsible for it. This woman is simply not funny. Sure, she may be pretty, but pretty doesn't alway mean that she's going to be funny. She just isn't as funny as people give her credit for.