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  • Episode 8

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    S 2 : Ep 8 - 11/29/99

    HQ sends two investigating officers to look into Kennett's allegation against Giffin. The scale fears that the handcuff prank will come to light, especially Natalie who is acting sergeant during Giffin's suspension. This could end her chances of promotion. Mike is also tense and dents a squad car. Nat sends him to work in custody where he spends the day clearing up diarrhoea. Colin also has a crap day: a store calls him to investigate a young boy who's defecated on one of their videos. He knows the boy, Hughie, who has a tyrannical step-father. When Colin goes to see Hughie's mother she decides she's had enough and vows to take all her children away from her bullying husband. Mel, whose relationship with Darrell is thriving, goes plain clothes in the park to try and entrap a flasher. His victim is the daughter of Phil Hughes, a publican and friend of Roy's. Roy himself has heard reports that Saheed Ifraz, an Asian teenager, has been dealing dope. Roy spends all day looking for Saheed, but is constantly thwarted by his older brother Karim. Karim, cocky and intelligent, knows his rights and even appears at the station to make a complaint against Roy. But Roy gets satisfaction by informing his mate Phil Hughes that it was Karim that flashed at his daughter. The retribution is violent. Colin and Nat deflect violence by helping Hughie and his mother to get away to London. As their coach finally leaves, Nat threatens to spray Hughie's outraged father with CS. And Newland is given the chance to deflect things away from Kennett's sexual assault allegation when she admits she may have been mistaken about Giffen: the earlier handcuffing prank had left her over-wrought. Ever the calculating politician he chooses the lesser of two evils and hauls in the officers responsible. When he informs Giffin the charge has been dropped without an official investigation, Giffin is unhappy. The allegation will stay on his file: 'It sounds like a whitewash'. And he's in good company. Mike's had enough. After a day of washing down drunks, he accuses Natalie of playing emotional games with him and then strides up to the investigating officers and resigns from the force, taking the rap for the Kennett affair in the process: 'I'm leaving. I'm sick of this job'.moreless
  • Episode 3

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 11/2/98

    Colin's attempts to stay out of trouble are thwarted when he reverses into a minibus taking a group of girls out on a hen night. Mel is taken aback when she meets her mates queuing up to go into a club and who are obviously uncomfortable about being seen with a policewoman. Mike and Natalie have a narrow escape when they come face to face with a man wielding a sawn-off shotgun.moreless