Tina Sloan

Tina Sloan


2/1/1943, Bronxville, New York

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Tina Sloan is the talented actress known for her roles on various daytime dramas. Since 1983, Tina has played the role of long suffering nurse "Lillian Raines" on the hit CBS soap opera Guiding Light. Under her married name, McPherson, the actress supports many charities and is very active in politics.more


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    • Tina: What I love most about being a mother is having Renny as a friend. We do things together: ski, play tennis, skate, go to the mvoies, go bicycling in the park, take walks, go out to dinner, attend plays... He's a great sport and such fun to be with.

    • Tina: (referring to the movie "Celebrity") To an actor, to be in a Woody Allen movie is the best.

    • Tina: I want to grow old gracefully – but oh I love my blonde blonde hair.

    • Tina: (on her "Guiding Light" audition) They wanted a strong woman to play a weak woman. And Lillian was, as the mother of an incest victim... you know they close their eyes and they're very weak, but they were afraid if she was too weak, it wouldn't have any power. They said I'd just do it for six months and I thought, 'Oh what fun!' - it's a very difficult story.

    • Tina: My first "acting" job in New York was on a soap opera where I lay in a casket. I rose up, the show ended; unfortunately, it ended for good, so that was that.

    • Tina: As a child there was never anything more fun for me than plopping down in the snow and making a snow angel.

    • Tina: (on her eating habits) I don't care about food. All I want to do is eat chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, drink hot chocolate... oh, maybe a little bread every now and then, but mostly just dessert, dessert, dessert!