Tina Turner





11/26/1939 , Nutbush, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Anna Mae Bullock




Tina Turner, One of the greatest Divas.

Tina, born in 1939 as Anna Mae Bullock, in the small city of Nutbush, Tennessee, is currently one of the world most successful Rock singers.
Tina attended the St-Louis high school. That's where she met Ike Turner, the R&B band leader of the group Turner's Kings Of Rhythm. Tina had an affair with the group saxophone player, and she gave birth to her first kid, Raymond.

Time passed, and Tina moved into Ike's house and the relationships started. They had their first son, and later married. But though people might attach this step to be the one that advanced Tina eventually to the stardom, it equally caused her the greatest pain a woman, or a singer, could suffer.
Tina and Ike performed together around the US. Tina's strong and solid voice was the trademark of that duo. However, every time Ike wasn't satisfied with how things roll, he used to beat her and torture her. She suffered silently, believing the glory worth it.
In 1969 Tina performed alongside the Rolling Stones, in one of her greatest successes. That is also the time she had several major hits, including River Deep Mountain High, and Proud Mary.

But Tina couldn't keep on suffering. After a failed suicide attempt, Tina left Ike Turner. She went on with no money, leaving all behind her. Many believed that step is false, and though all the cruelness of Ike's attitude, Tina should've stayed with him. Later, it was revealed that this marriage was even illegal, since Ike wasn't officially divorced.

Tina, this time stronger, climbed her way back to fame. She performed in nightclubs everyday. Finally she joined forces with Australian manager Roger Davies, with whom she released her 1984's hit album, Private Dancer. This album was not only a milestone in her career. It showed all the criticizers that Tina can do it alone, and better. This album contained numerous hits, including What's Love Got To Do With It? (a song that is repeatedly covered until today), Private Dancer, and Better Be Good To Me.

Tina started acting as well. She played alongside Mel Gibson in Mad Max: Beyond The Thunder Dome, and in an Autobiography film called Love Got To Do With It?, based on her autobiography I, Tina. She had also sang a Theme songs for the James Bond movie: Goldeneye.

Tina is a hot singer even in the 00's. In 1998 she returned with a whole new album, and she released a Greatest Hits double album in 2005. The wonderful song Great Spirits, from Brother Bear's soundtrack, was written for her by Phil Collins.

Tina has thought us all a lesson: No matter what you are going through, and how down you might fall, your dreams can always come true.
Tina is a true accomplished singer of her time, which sure hasn't passed yet. She is here to stay, and she still brings life into stages all over the world.