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  • She's a cool woman

    Survivor, this 39 year old woman won Survivor: Outback. She was a great competitor winning challenges and getting the million out of Colby's hand. She got 4 voted from Alicia, Keith, Jerri, and Elisabeth. I think it was good that she beats Colby. But, she decided to compete it Survivor: All Stars where she was the first person voted out. But, she did everything right in her 3 days. She battled the elements, created a new society, and was good with the contestants. But Jenna, Rudy, Rupert, and Jerri decided to get the winners out first because they thinks its unfair for them to win again. After she was voted out they changed their alliance and instead of voting out Ethan, Rudy was voted out next. Later, Ethan was voted out pre-merge and so was Jerri. Jenna and Rupert finished 3 and 4 and played a good game with a good alliance with Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano.