Tina Wood






Birth Name

Tina Wood




Tina Wood is best known as a on-air and off-air personality for the G4 Network (When it was still video game related). She has recently re-teamed with her former G4tv.com Co-Host, Laura Foy, to Host a technology related vidcast called 10 (www.on10.net).

Tina began writing stories in high school. Her gift in the literary realm eventually lead her to writing plays for her college. With her creative mind and knack for writing, Tina then ventured into music video creation. From there, she returned to her video gaming roots by working as a head writer for the video gaming based G4 network. There she wrote for five of it's shows (G4tv.com, Filter, Icons, Player$ and Sweat) and hosted G4tv.com. In 2005, G4 changed their direction away from video games and cancelled G4tv.com. Tina, then looked to the internet and helped in the formation of the video based, internet only technology segment show called 10. Along with Laura Foy, Tina is the host of the segments which air daily Monday through Thursday, with the Friday episode "digesting" that week's episodes.