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    • Tina's public Xbox gamertag is TinaSumSum.

    • Is currently working with Microsoft performing numerous interview "podcasts" on Xbox Live as well as her own podcast called "Tech with Tina."

    • Tina's voice was featured as one of the women screaming voices in the Jaws Unleashed video game.

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at TV.com
      Countdown to Xbox 360 - Co-Host (Zero Hour Floor Coverage)
      Race to G-Phoria - Herself
      Crashing G-Phoria - Herself

    • Tina's full footage at the E3 2005 conference can be found on the E3 Access 2005 4 DVD set. This set of DVDs could be found at GameStop stores and was co-sponsored by ign.com and Gamespy. The DVD set contains the complete Press Conference footage from all the major console companies as well as show floor footage and video game trailers. It is also interesting to note that she is introduced as being from "Gtv.com".

    • After G4tv.com ended, Tina rejoined with her G4tv.com Co-star, Laura Foy, on internet webcast site 10 (www.on10.net). 10 is a daily look on how people are living with and improving on technology. At the end of the week, the episodes are compiled into one complete episode with added content.

    • Tina and her friend and former Co-host on G4tv.com Laura Foy were featured as video game consultants in the Dec/Jan 2006 issue of Cargo magazine for it's Culture's section article called "Downtime" (page 124). The section listed the most underated video games DVDs, books and CDs of 2005. Video Games featured were God of War, Lego Star Wars, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, We (heart) Katamari and Battlefield 2. It is interesting to note that the issue made it to print before G4tv.com was cancelled in that the article states that they are the hosts of G4tv.com.

    • Tina's Top 5 Video Games of 2005:

      God of War,Guitar Hero, Lego Star Wars, Psychonauts, We (heart) Katamari

    • Tina received some controversial statements in the video game community for her appearance at the Nintendo press conference at E3 2005. Some gamers thought she crossed a line between product and reviewer, but they forgot that those in the video game reviewing industry are still fans. Tina later defended herself stating she didn't receive any compensation for her appearance and she did it because she was a fan of Shigeru Miyamoto's work.

    • Tina once worked at K-mart, and was the employee who announced the "Blue Light Specials."

    • Although she is on television, Tina wasn't trained as an actor, but as a writer. Her sisters took the acting gene and have working credits in theatre.

    • Most viewers of Tina's show G4tv.com assume she was a cheerleader at some point in her life. Tina never was, but her sister was one in high school.

    • Tina's favorite television show is Smallville.

    • Tina frequently mentions that she has a love/hate relationship with television news broadcasts. She hates that it glorifies people's tragedies and violence and is quite depressing, but she admits she can't stop watching to see what will happen next.

    • Tina began her professional writing career as a concept and pitch writer for Aaron Spelling's producation company.

    • Tina once ran her own screenwriting website which taught people how to write screenplays and articles for television.

    • Tina was a head writer at G4 in 2003.

    • Tina was the host for only one episode of the show Pulse. Even though she was comfortable with the show, her animated use of her hands just wasn't right for the nature of the show.

    • Tina's favorite bands are U2, Coldplay and Pearl Jam.

    • Tina's favorite "old school" games are Centipede, Space Invaders and Pole Position.

    • Unlike her Co-Host Laura Foy, Tina just has one tattoo, a Coyote.

    • Originally, Tina was the guest for the pilot episode of G4tv.com. The show's producer saw the chemistry between her and the Co-Hosts, and decided to have Tina join the show as a Co-Host.

    • Was a surprise on-stage guest of Nintendo at their press conference held at E3 2005. She was there to promote the new NintenDogs video game.

    • Tina Wood's nickname "T-Dub" comes from the initials in her name, with the W shortened to just "Dub". Her original nickname at G4 was "Puddin." It was given to her because it was the opposite of her personality.

    • The first video game she ever played was Pac-Man.

    • Tina has been a writer for five different G4 shows: G4tv.com, Icons, Sweat, Filter and Player$.

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