Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins


4/26/1970, Des Moines,Iowa

Birth Name

Tionne Tenise Watkins



Also Known As

T-Boz; TLC; T-Boz of TLC, Cool
  • is a contestant on season eight of The A...
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A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Tionne Watkins is best known as "T-Boz," the lead singer of the best selling female group of all time, TLC. With over 18 million albums sold worldwide and a tour to support their current album, with Tionne as its guiding creative force,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2006, T-Boz was nominated for a Black Movie Award for Outstanding Motion Picture for: ATL (2006).

    • T-Boz's nicknames are: T.T. and T-bone.

    • T-Boz has in the past worked as a hairdresser, shampoo girl, model, and manicurist.

    • T-Boz married rapper Mack10 in August of 2000, had a daughter that they named Chase Rolson in October of 2000. The couple divorced in 2004, citing irreconcilable differences.

    • T-Boz dated Jodeci band member Dalvin DeGrate in the late 1990s.

    • T-Boz appeared in the YoungBloodZ music video for 'It's Good'.

    • T-Boz is lactose intolerant.

    • T-Boz started her own line of children's clothing line called 'Grungy Glamorous', and a line of scented candles called 'Anela's Way'.

    • T-Boz was named one of People magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' twice. Once in 1991, and again in 2000.

    • T-Boz was set to provide a voice in Andre 3000's Cartoon Network series Class of 3000, but was replaced.

    • T-Boz owns a children's boutique called 'Chase's Closet' (after her daughter), in Houston, Texas.

    • T-Boz is the owner of her own production company, SHEE Entertainment.

    • T-Boz authored a book of her memoirs, told through essays and poems that she has written about her life experiences, titled Thoughts, released in 1999.

    • T-Boz served as co-executive producer for the 2006 movieATL starring R&B star T.I.

    • T-Boz appeared in the Hype Williams movie about life in an urban city, Belly.

    • T-Boz has solo recorded for the movie soundtracks Fled, in 1996 with 'I Touch Myself', and in 2000 Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, 'My Getaway'.

    • T-Boz and the girls of TLC went on to become the most successful female group in music history, selling over 45 million records worldwide.

    • T-Boz, Jones, and Lopes caught their break in 1991, when they were discovered by 'L.A.' Reid and his wife 'Pebbles' of LaFace Records. They replaced Jones with Rozanda 'Chilli' Thomas, and TLC was formed.

    • T-Boz started out as a hairstylist, but when she landed a spot in the music group '2nd Nature', alongside Crystal Jones and Lisa 'left eye' Lopes' in 1990, she pursued her dreams.

    • T-Boz usually only sings in her signature throaty, low, baritonal contralto tone. The first use of her falsetto vocals were with Prince, on the remake of 'If I Were Your Girlfriend'.

    • T-Boz was told by her doctors, that she would never be able to maintain a career on performing, especially with singing and dancing. She didn't listen, and has outlived their expectations of death by age thirty, and fronted the band TLC since 1991.

    • T-Boz spent a lot of her young life, from age 7 on, in and out of hospitals, fighting the disease Sickle Cell. She spent years trying to hide the fact that she had it, but is now the spokesperson for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.

    • T-Boz was a guest on Tavis Smiley.

    • T Boz , Chilli and Left Eye made a guest appearance on Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards.

    • T-Boz was a guest star on the Nickelodeon show All That twice.

  • Quotes

    • Tionne: A role model can teach you to love and respect yourself.

    • T-Boz: Sickle cell is very excruciating pain, she says. It feels like somebody is stabbing you over and over again. There are sharp pains in my legs, where I can't walk. Sometimes I have to learn to walk all over again. It can make a person feel belittled

  • T- Boz has a perfect low and raspy voice.

    T- Boz is an inspiration and an amzing vocalist. T- Boz is best known for being the "T" in one of the best selling girl groups of all time, "TLC". T- Boz has a very low and raspy voice, but it makes her stand out in a crowd of many female artists. It is probably why she took the lead vocals in most of TLC's smash hits. T- Boz is also an inspiration because she has sickle cell anemia. Doctors told her that she WOULD NOT be able to perform in her life and die in her twenties. T-Boz is a true fighter for deciding to hold onto her dream and prove doctors wrong. She was able to have a successful career and continues to pursue a solo career... at a thriving age of 39! T-Boz is AMAZING!!!!

    -BJ 8)moreless
  • I feel Tionne "T-boz"Watkins is a fake person.I feel she doesn't really care about her fans.I feel when she looks at other people's she downing on us because we are not famous.I think some times she forgets where she comes from.She is disrespectful to us.moreless

    When I was watching RUTG she was disrespectful to her fans in public.She needs to watch what comes out her mouth.I think thats why her marriage didn't last long.She not a people person I can tell.I'm sorry that she has a illness.But if she learn how to treat people's then maybe all that pain will go away.The way she disrespect her mom in her younger days has caught up with her.I pray her child don't treat her like she did her mom.I hope she change her ways.She needs to put God in her life.Os sad A.K.A Toyata Sad for remoreless