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  • I saw recently a movie with Tisha Sterling in it on local TV here in Florida. It reminded me that without question, Tisha Sterling is the most beautiful actress of my generation. Not just her beauty, but well,read on... .

    Tisha Sterling, let's just say it and be done with it, is unquestionably the most beautiful, enigmatic and talented actress of her generation. She has no equal. Her magnetic power to attract, her ability to draw, as a spider draws flies to its web, is the single most enticing quality of any actress in the 20th century. I place her on a golden pedestal of unequalled honor. There is nothing like her and never will be. i know she had some difficulties with her Mom, but I also remember her Mom on TV when I was a child. She too drew you in, but her talent was a precusor to the magnificance of her daughter, the great, unparalelled Tisha Sterling. Thank you, Tisha, for being among us. I have loved you for so many years and I will always. I am not alone. Your simple cameo- like appearance in the movie Journey to Shiloh made that forgettable movie 'watchable.'