Tite Kubo

Tite Kubo


6/26/1977, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

Birth Name

Noriaki Kubo



Also Known As

Kubotite, Kubo Taito, Taito Kubo, Kubo Tite
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Born Noriaki Kubo in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, Kubo-sensei started drawing manga in high school. It was in his third year of high school where he originally wrote his first manga, Zombie Powder. He submitted it to a Weekly Shonen Jump contest but lost due to lack of experience.…more


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    • Kubo-sensei: I never imagined when I started writing Bleach that it would eventually be published in the U.S., so I'm really glad that American readers have taken to it and enjoyed my work. Please continue to support Bleach. I've also been told that I should visit America someday.

    • Kubo-sensei: (talking about his hit manga Bleach) I'm the type who worries about the difference between the season in the story and season in reality. This series [Bleach] started in the summer [for the manga version]. At that time, the season in the story was the month of May. That difference has always weighed on my mind. With this volume [3], the main character Ichigo's introduction ends at last. The stage is June. Unexpectedly nice timing. If you can, please read it [volume 3 of the manga] on a rainy evening.