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  • One of my all time favorites!

    Looking toward to the next season of BOSCH!
  • One of the great character actors of our time. Titus has played many different roles and puts his own unique stamp on each one. Once you've seen him, you'll never forget him!

    Too bad I can only pick one classification from the list to describe Titus. He "should've been a bigger star" because he's "original," "talented," "underrated," and "gorgeous!" Over the past 10-15 years, Titus has played a number of widely diverse roles in movies and TV. From his very first on-screen appearance in Navy Seals as "redneck in the bar" to a starring role as a cop in Brooklyn South, Titus has never disappointed his fans and has always given us a great performance to watch. Even when he has just a brief appearance, or is in the background of a scene, he steals the scene with all his expressions and mannerisms that distract the audience from the so-called real stars. My all-time favorite Titus performance was as mob captain Sonny Napoli in Falcone. Many of his guest appearances in network shows were also memorable -- Zachary the hitman in Hack, a corrupt cop in UC Undercover, and the evil Gregory in Touched By an Angel just to name a few. Because Titus is able to bring so much personality to each character he plays, it's no surprise that his audiobook performance narrating "Every Dead Thing" was a real treat for his fans. Titus brought dozens of unique characters to life in the telling of this story. The world has not yet discovered what a great talent he is, and he remains the secret pleasure of a handfull of loyal fans.