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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Tobie Puttock


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I started life in the kitchen after finishing school in 1992. I remember walking into Melbourne's Caffe Cucina with a resume consisting of school reports (mostly bad) and asking to speak to the Head Chef. This huge Italian guy walked out of the kitchen and asked…more


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    • Tobie: I've got another book on the way and I'm concentrating on Fifteen and that's it.

    • Tobie: (on Manu after he left Fifteen) Manu wasn't kicked out or asked to go. He basically decided that he didn't really want to do this… so he's gone to play heavy-metal guitar for a living.

    • Tobie: (on trainee chefs saying they'd love to be TV chefs) They've got to learn to cook first! A lot of people come through the door (of the Fifteen program) saying, "Yeah, I want to be a chef and I figure I'll do this for a couple of years and get a show with Jamie Oliver". Well, that ain't gonna happen! Maybe it will, but more often than not it won't. We're very up-front about the job… It's not about the fame or being on TV. It's about being very passionate about what you're doing.

    • Tobie: (on the filming of Jamie's Kitchen Australia) I told the TV guys that we've all been doing this for a long time now and there aren't going to be too many hiccups, but they will of course focus on the interesting things that could add a little bit of jeopardy to the whole program!

    • Tobie: (on the restaurants, Fifteens, that have been established in England, Amsterdam and Cornwall by Jamie Oliver and himself) We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. Now we understand what we need to look for in a person; what makes a good chef. As a result, this [Melbourne] is smoother than the first one.

    • Tobie: (filming Jamie's Kitchen Australia) There are three massive snowballs coming down a steep hill at the moment. One is the restaurant, one is the Fifteen foundation and obviously the TV show. The good news is, the TV show comes and goes. But the others, they keep rolling on.

    • Tobie: (on the show, Jamie's Kitchen Australia) It's a sexy restaurant. My type of cooking is rustic Italian food, based on The River Café, where Jamie [Oliver] and I met. Fifteen in London is a lot of pink and graffiti and, in Melbourne, we've been trying to fit in with the franchise but at the same time make it 'Melbourne'.

    • Tobie: (on Jamie Oliver and the show, Jamie's Kitchen Australia) Jamie has a huge input into what goes on. He will come out for the launch, but then it's back home.

    • Tobie: (on Jamie Oliver and the show, Jamie's Kitchen Australia) Jamie lives in London and he would like to commute to work every day, but it's just not possible. [laughs]

    • Tobie: (on Jamie's Kitchen Australia) TV makes it look glamorous, with all these pretty people doing it. There are no bags under eyes and no burns on their arms. Cooking ain't like that. It's a 60 to 70-hour week. You have to love it.

    • Tobie: One thing I found with cooking, and Jamie [Oliver] found as well, you could walk in with raw ingredients and by lunchtime you have seen the product of your work. You're achieving something, reaching a goal.

    • Tobie: (on the trainees selected for Jamie's Kitchen Australia) They're a bloody great bunch. Most of them have been through shit. They've been nicking cars or whatever, and thought: 'I don't want to do that any more, I want to do something good. I want a skill and something I won't go to prison for'.

  • marriage in trouble over sexy tv chef.

    Well what can i say. Definetly would like to see more people like him on television, Im 25 and married, my husband knows that there arnt to many guys on tv that are visually appealing to me, but since Ive mentioned to him that Tobie's a good look'n sort, he got upset and has banned me from watching certain tv shows when he is at home. But honestly i think he'd be more upset if I banned him from watching the pammies of the world.

    Tobie is definetly one sexy chef. Dress him in an apron, hand him a bottle of olive oil and send him my way.moreless