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    • Toby's next studio album titled Big Dog Daddy will be released on June 12, 2007, its the first studio album he produced by himself

    • Toby's video A Little Too Late, was nominated for video of the year and male video of the year, for the 2007 CMT music awards.

    • Toby's next single High Maintenance Woman is set to be released to radio on February 12.

    • A Little Too Late ranked #11 on CMT's end of year countdown for 2006, and ranked #5 on GAC's end of year countdown.

    • In a poll in Country Weekly magazine Toby was voted man of the year for 2006.

    • Toby is being sued by Micheal McCloud, over his hit I Love This Bar, because McCloud claims that his song Tourist Town Bar and I Love This Bar have striking similarities.

    • Toby is GAC's artist of the month for December.

    • Toby donated an autographed hat for sale on ebay and all proceeds will go to the American Heart Association.

    • Crash Here Tonight ranked #2 on CMT's 20 sexiest videos of 2006.

    • Toby won the AMA favorite male vocalist award for 2006.

    • CMT will air Broken Bridges on December 15, 2006, and the movie will be released on DVD January 9, 2007

    • Toby is planning on making a movie based off of his smash hit Beer for My Horses.

    • A Little Too Late, Big Blue Note, Crash Here Tonight and Get Drunk and Be Somebody have been nominated for GAC's Top 50 Videos of the Year contest, Toby is the only artist to have four videos nomanited.

    • Nominated for "Favorite Male Vocalist" in the all-genre category at the 2006 People's Choice Awards.

    • Sings a duet called Ol' Glory with Jerry Lee Lewis on Lewis's current album Last Man Standing

    • Toby Keith tied with Ed Hill,and Vicky McGehee as the BMI Songwriter of the Year

    • As Good As I Once Was was named BMI's song of the Year for 2006.

    • Was named Nashville Songwriter Association International's (NASI) Songwriter/Artist of the Year for 2006.

    • in 2005, Toby performed at the USA Live 8 concert.

    • Writes all of the songs he sings in the Ford Truck commericals.

    • Is the spokesman for Ford Trucks

    • Toby gets his first on screen kiss in Broken Bridges

    • Toby plays Bo Price in the movie Broken Bridges.

    • Toby sings a duet with Willie Nelson and Bebe Winans on the Broken Bridges Soundtrack called Uncloudy Day, The song was actually written By Willie Nelson back in 1977.

    • An acoustic version of Crash Here Tonight appears on the Broken Bridges Soundtrack.

    • When Toby was asked if he has a love scene with Kelly Preston in the movie he simply replied: You'll have to buy a ticket.

    • Toby sings a duet with co-star and label-mate Lindsey Haun on the Broken Bridges Soundtrack, which is the title track on the album.

    • Toby's new video Crash Here Tonight debuted on CMT's Top 20 Countdown on August 31 2006, and it features Actress Heather Locklear.

    • Toby Keith was named's artist of the Month for May.

    • Unleashed and Shock n' y'all are Toby's best selling albums selling 4 millon copies each.

    • Toby's video for A Little Too Late will premier on May 11 on CMT

    • Toby's next single is "A Little Too Late"

    • In its second week of sales White Trash with Money was the best selling country album in several major markets including Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh.

    • When one of Toby's closes friend's daughter died of cancer, him and his wife started a charity called Allie's House

    • Toby Keith was CMT's Artist of the Month for april

    • Get Drunk and Be Somebody Toby's first single off of his new album White Trash with Money was released as a single before the album was even finished.

    • "Crash Here Tonight" is the first real intimate ballad since "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

    • Toby Keith came up with the title to his new album "White Trash with Money", when his daughter got into an argument with a "debutant" on the east side of his town, when her mom got invloved and left with her daughter she said that Krystal was just "White Trash with Money". Toby's wife was furious, but Toby and Krystal just laughed at it.

    • Toby Keith has metioned that he wasn't to crazy about the song "I'm so happy That I Can't Stop Crying"

    • "As Good as I Once Was" was the #2 song of 2005.

    • Toby Keith is one of 5 country stars to sing Hey, Good Lookin' with Jimmy Buffet,
      the others include: Alan Jackson, Clint Black, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney.

    • Toby has stated that his daughter Krystal can sing better then him.

    • Many people think that Toby's daughter Krystal, outshined him on the song "Mockingbird"

    • Big Machine Records, a Nashville label, is owned and operated by Toby and executive Scott Borchetta.

    • Toby Keith is Country Music's Biggest Star, selling over 20 million albums and charting over 15 number one songs.

    • So far Toby Keith has had a total of 16 #1 songs.

      1. Should've Been A Cowboy

      2. Who's That Man

      3. Me Too

      4. How Do You Like Me Now ?!

      5. You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This

      6. I Wanna Talk About Me

      7. I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight

      8. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)

      9. My List

      10. Who's Your Daddy

      11. Beer For My Horses

      12. I Love This Bar

      13. American Solider

      14. Whiskey Girl

      15. As Good As I Once Was

      16. A Little Too Late

    • "White Trash with Money" is set to be released on April 11, 2006

    • Toby's first movie Broken Bridges is set to be released on September 8th ,2006

    • How Do You Like Me Now?! Toby's first single from dreamworks records was a multi-week no.1 hit, and was the number 1 song of 2000.

    • Toby Keith left Mercury Records because they tryed to tell him what music to write, and turned down the song How Do You Like Me Now?! saying that it would not be a hit, because they thought it would cause controversy with women.

    • The state of Pennsylvania is considered to be Toby's "second home" since its the state he has the most gigs in.

    • When Toby Keith first started singing he had a mullet.

    • Toby sing a duet with Merle Haggard on his "Honkytonk University" album called "She Ain't Hooked On Me No More"

    • On December 14, 2002: Toby Keith made his Grand Ole Opry Debut.

    • Toby was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2005

    • Toby Keith's Awards so far

      ACM Awards:

      2003 Entertainer of the Year

      2003 Top Male Vocalist of the Year

      2003 Launch Video of the year "Beer For My Horses"

      2003 Album of the Year "Shock'N Y'All"

      2002 Entertainer of the Year

      2000 Top Male Vocalist

      2000 Album of the Year

      Billboard Music Awards:

      2004 Top Country Artist

      2004 Top Country Artist - Male

      2004 Top country Album - "Shock'N Y'All"

      2004 #1 Hot Country Singles & Tracks Artist

      2002 Country Singles Artist of the Year

      American Music Awards:

      2004 - Favorite Male Artist - Country Music

      2004 - Favorite Album - Country Music - Shock'N Y'all

      2003 Favorite Album - Country Music - Unleashed

      BMI Awards:

      2005 Country Award Winner for "Stays In Mexico"

      2005 Country Award Winner for "Whiskey GIrl"

      2004 Country Award Winner for "American Soldier"

      2004 Country Award Winner for "Beer For My Horses"

      2004 Country Award Winner for "I Love This Bar"

      2003 Country Award Winner for "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)"

      2003 Country Award Winner for "Who's Your Daddy"

      2002 Country Award Winner for "I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight"

      2001 Songwriter/Artist of the Year Winner

      2001 Country Award Winner for "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

      2001 Country Award Winner for "Country Comes To Town"

      2001 Country Award Winner for "How Do You Like Me Now?!"

      2000 Country Award Winner for "How Do You Like Me Now?!"

      1999 Country Award Winner for "Dream Walkin'"

      1998 Country Award Winner for "Me Too"

      1997 Country Award Winner for "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You"

      1996 Country Award Winner for "You Ain't Much Fun"

      1995 Country Award Winner for "Who's That Man"

      1995 Country Award Winner for "Wish I Didn't Know Now"

      1994 Country Award Winner for "He Ain't Worth Missing"

      1994 Country Award Winner for "Should've Been A Cowboy"

      Million-Air Award for "I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight"

      Million-Air Award for "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

      Million-Air Award for "Country Comes To Town"

      Two Million-Air Award for "How Do You Like Me Now?!"

      Million-Air Award for "Dream Walkin'"

      Million-Air Award for "Me Too"

      Million-Air Award for "A Woman's Touch"

      Million-Air Award for "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You"

      Million-Air Award for "Big Ol' Truck"

      Two Million-Air Award for "You Ain't Much Fun"

      Two Million-Air Award for "Who's That Man"

      Two Million-Air Award for "Wish I Didn't Know"

      Two Million-Air Award for "He Ain't Worth Missin'"

      Three Million-Air Award for "Should've Been A Cowboy"

      CMA Awards:

      2005 Music Video of the Year "As Good As I Once Was"

      2001 Male Vocalist of the Year

      CMT Flameworthy Awards:

      2005 Hottest Video of The Year "Whiskey Girl"

      2004 Video of the Year "American Soldier"

      2004 Video Director of the Year - Michael Salomon "Beer For My Horses"

      2004 Video Collaboration with Willie Nelson - "Beer For My Horses"

      2003 Male Video - "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue (The Angry American)

      2003 Video of the Year - "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue" (The Angry American)

      2003 Cocky Video of the Year - "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue" (The Angry American)

      2002 LOL Video - I Wanna Talk About Me

      CMT Video Countdown Awards

      2000 "Male Video Artist of the Year"

      2000 #1 Video of the Year - "How Do You Like Me Now"

      Country Weekly Awards:

      2003 Fan Favorite Album - Unleashed

      2003 Fan Favorite Video - Beer For My Horses

      2002 Fan Favorite Video - I Wanna Talk About Me

      Nashville Songwriters Assoc. International (NSAI) Awards:

      2004 Songwriter/Artist of the Year Award Winner

      2003 Songwriter/Artist of the Year Award Winner

      People's Choice Awards

      2004 Favorite Album "Unleashed"

      2003 Favorite Music Video of the Year - I Love This Bar

    • Toby Keith was named: Oklahoman of The Year in 2004.

    • Toby Keith Fan club members are called: "Toby Keith Warriors"

    • "Rock You Baby" was the third single off of Unleashed but was never really credited because it fell short of landing in the top ten and there was no video for it.

    • Toby's favorite movie is "Field of Dreams"

    • Toby wanted "As Good As I Once Was" to be the first single off of Honkytonk University and "Honkytonk U" to be second, but Dreamworks released "Honkytonk U" as the first single instead.

    • The song "Heart To Heart" off his How Do You Like Me Now?! album was written for his son Stelen.

    • Toby's Video for "As Good As I Once Was" was the # 1 video on GAC for 2005.

    • Toby says '"Should've Been a Cowboy" and "How Do You Like Me Now?!" are his career changing songs.

    • "Honkytonk U'" is an auto-biography song about growing up in his Grandmothers club.

    • "Big Blue Note" was the fastest rising single for a new label.

    • Toby Keith's next album "White Trash with Money" is his first album from Show Dogs

    • Show Dog Nashville opened on Sept 1, 2005.

    • His first single released from his new label is "Big Blue Note".

    • In the CMT Top 20 Videos for 2005, Toby held the #3 spot with "As Good as I Once Was"

    • Toby Keith opened up a chain of restaurants called "I Love This Bar & Grill".

    • Toby created his own record label, "Show Dog Nashville".

    • "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" was a controversial song and was criticized by the media for it's lyrical content. However, the military and fans loved it, propelling it to the top of the charts 3 weeks before the album was released.

    • Toby's favorite video that he's made is "I Wanna Talk About Me".

    • Toby considers Unleashed to be his best album.

    • Toby played tight-end during his career as a semi-professional football player.

    • His first single, "Should've Been A Cowboy", was named the most played country song of the 1990s by Billboard Magazine.

    • His daughter, Krystal, sang a duet with him at the 2004 CMA Awards, and the song that they sang was "Mockingbird" which is on the Greatist Hits 2 album.

    • Toby's musical trademark is having songs about having good times or are patroitic and told from his right-wing perspective.

    • Toby has three children: Shelley, Krystal, and Stelen.

    • Toby graduated from Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma.

    • Toby's parent's names are Joan and Hubert Keith Covel.

    • Toby's favorite song is "Look What You've Done to Me" by Boz Scagg.

    • Toby's favorite color is blue.

    • Toby names Merle Haggard as one of his biggest musical influence.

    • Toby enjoys hunting, fishing, and collecting baseball cards.

    • Toby plays the guitar and the mandolin.

    • Toby's band is named Easy Money Band.

    • Toby has been married since March 24, 1984 to Tricia.

    • Toby is 6'3" tall.

    • Toby Keith sings a song with his daughter Krystal on His Greatest Hits 2 album called "Mockingbird"

    • Since the turn of the century Toby Keith has spent a total of 51 weeks at the top of the charts more then any other artist.

  • Quotes

    • Toby Keith: (on what he's learned about filmmaking) Even if you're only shooting for six or eight weeks, the prep time for it and then all of the media and the soundtrack and all that stuff that we get involved in at Show Dog is very time-consuming.

    • Toby Keith: I'm working on a script right now called Beer for My Horses, and I want to do a full motion picture on it. I just gotta get off my lazy butt and finish the script.

    • Toby Keith: (about wanting to make movies every other year) That's about all I can do, unless something comes along that I don't have to be that involved in. Maybe spend a month or something on somebody else's movie, playing a great part, I'd do that. But to have the leading role and have the movie wrapped around what I'm doing, I can only do about every other year.

    • Toby Keith: (In response to fan club members who raised money for Ally's House) I want to thank all of my warriors who have supported Ally's House. You have raised a remarkable amount of money for families of children with cancer and honored Ally. That means so much to me. You really are the best.

    • Toby Keith: (On how he wrote I Love This Bar) I was sitting on the bus with co-writer Scotty Emerick one night after a show, and we had a little groove going on. We were just talking about all the characters you see in a bar and just started writing it. It didn't take very long. It just felt like a real good redneck sing-along song.

    • Toby Keith: The awards that make me the proudest are the ones voted for by the public, I want to thank my fans for supporting me through the years. I appreciate you all.

    • Toby Keith: (about singing Mockingbird with his daughter Krystal) She did a great job on the song and I am so proud of her.

    • Toby Keith: (about Krystal's singing) Krystal is an incredible singer and it is just as good as it gets to work with her.

    • Toby Keith: (about the song Mockingbird) Krystal and I used to sing it at home all the time, it sounded so good we decided to cut it as a track on the Greatest Hits 2 album.

    • Toby Keith: This is a great cause and a great way to help get united again and make the world a lot better place to live, it's a chance for everybody to step up.

    • Toby Keith: Right now we are so divided here in the United States with this red state, blue state, right wing, left wing thing.

    • Toby Keith: I was raised in bars. My grandmother had one, and when I was 12 years old I'd go stay with her and that's where I got to watch her band play-she had a seven- or eight-piece band, and I would sit in the kitchen and peek through the door. I was kind of a 12-year-old bottle washer.

    • Toby Keith: My wife got upset, but I usually take those things, when people say stuff about me like that, and turn them into gold. So when the person who said that goes to her Wal-Mart and she's looking for a garden hose and looks over and sees the album, she'll know what a great idea it was to call me white trash with money.

    • Toby Keith: None of the Nashville labels think I'm going to make it. But I feel very confident about my new label, because I'm signed as the first act. And as long as I continue to sell records, the label is going to be outstanding.

    • Toby Keith: Everybody should have their own thing, and if he don't want to be a role model, that should be up to him. In the right situations, I can try to help and be a role model, but I'm still gonna speak my mind, and if that affects the role-model deal, then too bad.

    • Toby Keith: I know how angry I was when I saw those towers come down, and this is my way of serving my country.

    • Toby Keith: My first gig, I was about 17 or 18. But I'd been singing a long time. I got a guitar when I was 8, and started trying to write songs as a teenager.

    • Toby Keith quoting his song American Solider.

      "Oh, and I don't want to die for you
      but if dyin's asked of me
      I'll bear that cross with honor
      'cause freedom don't come free"

    • You know, I'm pro-troops, but I'm not pro-war." Toby Keith on the war with iraq