Toccara Jones

Toccara Jones


3/13/1981, Dayton, Ohio

Birth Name

Toccara Elaine Jones


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Trivia and Quotes

  • The absolute best plus-size model known to man!

    Toccara Jones made her first television debut on America's Next Top Model season 3. Even though she was a "big girl" compared to the others she made it into the competition with ferocity and pride. Week after she she showed that she was willing and able to do anything she had to do in order to win the competition. Just past the middle of the season, Tyra and the other judges started to see Toccara lose some of her drive and energy begin to fade, they decided to send her home due to this decision. Even though she didn't win America's Next Top Model, she still became a plus-size model and appeared in many different magazines and talk shows.

    Toccara eventually found herself on Celebrity Fit Club 2. Though she was completely comfortable with her weight, she agreed to lose a couple of pounds and give the show some real sex appeal.

    She recently made an appearance in Celebrity Paranormal getting as far from her comfort zone as possible but she looked damn good doing it.moreless
  • Toccara aka F.A.B.O you had my vote everyweek. sxy. if you are ever in texas please find me you can have anything you want from me. Love you.

    Toccara is a sexy female I was so upset that she lost, I sent about 20 emails to tyra becaused I was pissed. Toccara if u ever come to texas please look me up mami... I do have a crush on you. you are F.A.B.O. all day long. Peace and love mami.