Todd Eric Andrews

Todd Eric Andrews

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  • It says I need to fill this summary thing out. So, I'm afraid after writing the review first I've not much desire to fll out this summary. A shame you have to read this first. Anyway, moving along...moreless

    Well I've seen you in Monk and I enojyed it, i must say. Then I happened across you in\"I know my name is Steven\" and was impressed a bit more. The thing is I had been born a bastard if you will and was told very little of my father. Well here we are and I\'ll be twenty soon and i\'ve been told a bit more of him. Now, i\'m just curious, not wanting to mess with anything you\'ve got going on right now, only curious if perhaps you\'d care for some kind of correspondence? It would be something is all i can seem to say. And I promise i\'m not as lame as I sound in my \'review\' here, it\'s just how i write. so e-mail me if you are cool with all this.

    p.s. this is not a joke.

    pps. and does that make the guy who claims to be your father my grandfather?! if he is indeed your father and if you are indeed my father that is. -Andrew Costellomoreless
  • Todd E. Andrews is an fine actor!

    Todd E. Andrews is an fine actor.....I remember seeing him in college theatre at UNLV in the \\\"Torchbearers\\\"....both his character and the student who played Ralph Twiller were incredible...too funny, they held the show!

    Loved Todd\\\'s performance in 21 Jump Street also with the young Christina Applegate.