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  • Whoever thought of making him ring-announce for a week needs to be fired....... Or worse.

    Whoever thought of making him ring-announce for a week needs to be fired....... Or worse.
    Honestly, Todd Grisham sounds like he's always sick or something. He tries to lower his voice to sound more manly, but it only made it worse. WAY worse. He really got on my nerves after that. And what's worse is his facial expression after all of his interviews. He looks so dumbfounded, like he's gonna throw up. He's one of those little things which makes a big difference people. The backstage promos are worse because of him. They should just fire him and make Michael Cole interview wrestlers.
  • Please quit talking already

    Why some people like this guy is beyond me. He will never become a great announcer, so thats why WWE should get rid of him while they can. Seriously every interview he does is complete boredom, hell I could do better to get fans to be interested, Get rid of him WWE.
  • Todd gets on my nerves

    Todd gets on my nerves he went from hardly being showen to always on your screen he gets on my nerves he acts like he is the best Interviewwr in the WWE and when he was the host for Byte This! it was terrible I hated it he got my nerves so bad he thought he was so funny dude your not that funny he now thinks he is the best and it gets on my nerves he has such a big head now if the WWE knew what to do they would release him fast because he is not real good I rate Todd a 4.3
  • Todd is God!

    Todd Grisham is the most amazing person to exist. He has mad robot skills. Mad announcing skills and mad backstage skills. Todd is my favorite person in the WWE! Todd amazes me he cannot do anything wrong and will win the WWe championship soon beacause even I am afarid of the Great Todd. He is great with the ladies and even can out do Val Venis, Viscera, and Cuck Norris combined. Todd is my hero. Chuck Norris wears Todd Grisham pajamas. Todd Grisham is my hero. I think he is the greatest person to ever walk the earth.
    -Todd Grisham Fan (aka TGRISHDADDYFANATIC)