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  • Todd Rules

    Todd a good Actor
  • I love watching Todd Lasance

    I love watching you play Caesar on the show Spartacus. Now that the show has ended I wish the writers and producers would do a spin-off of the character caesar with you playing the role. That would be wonderful, and I'm sure a lot of people would watch. I also think you are one of the most handsomest men in movies today. If there isn't a spin-off show from the Spartacus episodes I hope your next role will be one that showcases your looks and acting abilities and I hope to one day meet you in person, believing you to be as personable as you seem.
  • Awsome

    Todd Lasance plays Aden Jeffries in the Australian soap Home and away. He is one of my favourite character. Todd was born February 18th 1985. He currently lives with fellow home and away star Lincon Lewis who plays Geoff Campbell.

    Todd has been a few australian programmes, shows that i have never seen before as i live in England but they are called, Blue Water High, Mcleods daughters and Blackjack Ghosts.
    Sorry if i have these wrong, as i said i have never watched them before.

    In home and away he lives with Roman and Nicole, currently he is with Belle Taylor.
    He is a funny character.
  • The broody bad boy of Summer Bay...nuff said!

    I absolutely LOVE Todd Lasance. He's an absolutely brilliant actor and very versatile. And not only that but daayumm! He's fiine!! He's definately insanely sexy but he also seems like a really nice guy... just love him! I'm really surpised that he hasn't got a huuuge fan base though...hmmm.....:s But he's a truly talented boy..he plays the ledgendary Aden Geoffries... absolutely awesome..he's the resident bad boy of Summer Bay (in Aussie soap Home & Away) and he's just so much fun to watch and really funny.. He's also a very talented sportsman... he's just perfect in my opinion and London is always here for him!!!