Todd Phillips





Brooklyn, NY

Birth Name

Todd Bunzl




Todd Phillips attended NYU film school. For his junior year project Todd filmed a documentary about controversial punk rocker, GG Allin. The documentary, Hated, was an underground as well as critical success upon it's release in 1994 and won Todd an award for Best Documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival that year. As of this date, Hated is the highest grossing student film of all time.

Also in 1994, Todd co-founded the New York Underground Film Festival along with college pal Andrew Gurland. The festival showcases low-budget films, often with controversial subject matter. Though the festival is still in existence, Todd and Andrew no longer have an association with it.

In 1996 Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland worked together again, co-producing and co-directing the controversial fraternity exposé, Frat House. The documentary took a look inside the disturbing rituals and rites of passage inside several college fraternities. Frat House won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. Even though it was a critical success, HBO, who was producing the documentary for their America Undercover series, backed out of airing the film due to mounting pressure from upset parents and legal threats by those involved.

In the late 1990's Todd delved into the advertising world, directing multiple TV spots for such products as Virgin Cola, Miller Genuine Draft, Pepsi One and an ESPN Major League Soccer campaign.

In 2000 Todd moved his career in a new direction, writing and directing his first feature film, the comedy Road Trip. Todd invited Tom Green, whom he had directed in a series of Pepsi commercials, to join the cast. The movie, made on a $15 million budget, grossed over $68 million, quite a success for Todd's first non-documentary. That same year Todd continued in the documentary format as well, releasing the film Bittersweet Motel which features the rock band Phish.

In 2003 Todd released his second comedy feature, Old School. Todd directed the film as well as co-writing it with writing partner, Scot Armstrong. The film featured a hilarious turn by former Saturday Night Live alum, Will Ferrell and grossed almost $75 million domestically.

2004 brought another comedy from writing duo Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong. Starsky & Hutch, directed by Todd, was a reworking of the 1970's TV show starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. The movie brought it in $88 million at the domestic box office and proved another hit for Todd Phillips. -Nezee, Todd Phillips FanNet