Toddy Walters





10/24/1969 , Denver, Colorado

Birth Name



Has been writing music since she was a teenager.

She spent a year in Santa Fe, NM, for her freshman year in college, then dropped out, found her voice, and spent 18 months in Los Angeles until her father was found to be dying of cancer. She spent some time back at home, then moved to England to work as a nanny for a year, then came back to Denver for five more years to attend college at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

While studying performance art there, Toddy began performing in a "Kids in the Hall" type sketch comedy group from Joe's Production and Grille. She returned to Los Angeles in 1996 and had a cameo in Orgazmo, which was filmed in Winter 1997. She returned to Denver to finish up her first album, Grotto, which was recorded at Sleeping Brotherhood Studio, and toured the West Coast. She then returned to Los Angeles. She met her husband at Temple Bar, where she performs with her group, Toddy, sometimes, and married him a month and a half later, on March 31, 2001.

She is making an album in which she may go by Toddy Ivy. She was named after her great aunt Hazel who had the nickname "Toddy," an alcohol drink which includes your choice of liquor, plus water, sugar, and spices.