Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold


3/5/1959, Ottumwa, Iowa

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On a cool March day in a small town in Iowa, Tom Arnold was born a healthy, ten-pound baby. As the oldest child of six brothers and sisters, he quickly discovered the power of comedy to bring joy to the people around him.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tom won a Golden Globe Award in 1992 for 'Best Comedy Series' for his work on Roseanne.

    • Tom was Chris Farley's sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous, and delivered the eulogy at his funeral services.

    • Tom made his feature film debut in 1991, in a cameo with Roseanne in the horror film Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

    • Tom made his debut as an executive producer on Little Rosey, a Saturday morning animated series in 1990. In 1992, he co-created and executive produced the Rosey & Buddy Show, an animated pilot.

    • Tom started a new television production company on his own, called 'Clean Break' Productions, after his split from Roseanne in 1995.

    • Tom's role in the film Happy Endings was written specifically for him by writer/director Don Roos. Tom plays a wealthy widower who is worried about his son's (Jason Ritter) sexual orientation.

    • Tom once described the marriage between the two of them as 'America's Worst Nightmare'. Because they are white trash, with money.

    • Tom and Roseann appeared across the country on a 25-city "Honeymoon Tour" in 1993.

    • Tom has received three Razzie Awards for 'Worst Male Actor' in: Big Bully, Carpool, and The Stupids in 1996.

    • Tom is a former cocaine and alcohol abuser, who has been sober for eleven years. He holds AA and NA meetings in his trailers on movie sets, to stay centered.

    • Tom has appeared in television commercials for Web TV and Sprint Telephone Services with Rob Schneider in 1998.

    • Tom coached one of the teams in the 2005 Seattle Hockey Challenge.

    • Tom did voiceover work, and provided the voice of the 'oven mitt' in television commercials that he appeared in for the Arbys chain of restaurants in 2003.

    • Tom has been credited as a : writer, producer, actor, comedian, meat packer, restraunteur, and a bartender.

    • Tom and Roseanne left their former production companies and start up their own, calling it Wapello County Productions, in 1991.

    • Tom converted to Judaism in 1990, after proposing to Roseanne, so they could marry in the Jewish Faith in Temple.

    • Tom was hired on as a staff writer on the hit sitcom Roseanne as soon as he hit Los Angeles in 1988. Soon after, he was appearing as a regular character on the show, and dating the star, Roseanne Barr.

    • Tom won first place at the Minneapolis Comedy Competition in 1988, and then decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in standup.

    • Tom performed standup comedy for the first time in 1983. He performed on 'open mic' nights at the University of Iowa.

    • Tom graduted from high school from Ottumwa, Iowa and went on to earn his Associate Degree from Indian Hills Community College. He finished up his academic career with a Bachelor Degree from the University of Iowa.

    • In June, 2007, Tom filed for divorce from his wife, Shelby Roos. They married in June 2002 and have been separated since August, 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Tom: The nature of show business is people within the business feel that if someone else fails, they move up a notch.

    • Tom: People still question my sobriety, my commitment to the program, and that hurts. I take things day by day, and sometimes I take them minute by minute, but I honor my commitment to stay sober. I hear the jokes, and the allegations, and just shrug them off, what else can I do, give them a urine sample in their drink glass?