Tom Baker





1/20/1934 , Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

Birth Name

Thomas Stewart Baker




Tom Baker, best known for portraying the 4th Doctor in the long running TV series Doctor Who, was born in Liverpool, England in 1934. When he was fifteen he left school to train as a novice Catholic Monk, but six years later decided that his faith was not strong enough to continue and he left the order, enrolling in the Royal Medical Corp. It was during this time in the Corp, he took up acting as a hobby.

In 1961 he married Anna Wheatcroft and had two sons Daniel and Piers. The marriage only lasted until 1966 when the couple were divorced. He remarried twice, once to Doctor Who co-star Lalla Ward, which ended in divorce sixteen months later and then in 1986 married Sue Gerrard, another former colleague on the Production of Doctor Who.

Tom got his first big break in acting in 1971 playing Rasputin in the film Nicholas and Alexander, the story of the mystic who had a role in the fates of the Russian royal family. In 1974, he took over the role of the Doctor from the popular Jon Pertwee. Tom's doctor was much younger than his predecessors, but was just as eccentric. His performance is characterised by his curly hair, big smile and eccentric (and often improvised) manner of speaking.

After leaving the series in 1981, Tom refused to appear in the Five Doctors (1983) an anniversary special commemorating the series twenty year anniversary. He also declined to appear in the BBC's radio adventures. His next appearance as the Doctor was in the short two-parter, Dimensions in Time which was made for charity and is largely regarded as the worst Doctor Who adventure ever made.

Tom also made an appearance in the series The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair as Puddleglum.

Recently he has appeared in the series Monarch of the Glen as another eccentric character, Donald McDonald. Tom is currently appearing as the Narrator in the comedy series Little Britain.