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Tom Baker


Tom Baker Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Tom Baker is the famous actor who portrayed the 4th incarnaiton of The Doctor from 1974-1981. He played the Doctor for 7 years. When Jon Pertwee left the series in 1974, his Doctor died. Sarah grieved for the Doctor. Then Pertwee left the show after a

    desputed with producers about his salary. So Pertwee's Doctor died, and regenerated into Tom Baker. Pertwee played the Doctor for 5 years, and then chose to leave as did Barry Letts. Pertwee regenerated into Tom Baker, and Doctor Who became the highest rated TV show in history. Baker's Doctor was different. He was tired of chasing the Brigageir, and he resigned from U.N.I.T., and traveled in Time and Space with Sarah (Elisabeth Sladen). Baker continued in the role for 7 years. He regenerated into Peter Davison, who became the Fifth Doctor. Baker guest starred on Remington Steele as Inspecto Anatole Blalock. Baker was the bad guy in that episode. Baker is married to his currtent wife, Sue (1986-Present.) Baker has children. Tom Baker declined to take part in Doctor Who: The Five Doctors in 1983. To date, Baker refuses to play the Doctor on Doctor Who audio adventures as well.
  • Perhaps because he was the first Dr Who I experienced, I have always compare the others to Tom Baker. I enjoyed his three predecessors and a couple of those who followed but only Tom Baker's Dr Who became "must see TV" for me.

    Tom Baker's approach to the Doctor was both refreshing and intriguing. His cavalier approach to ominous situations kept Dr Who from becoming an oppressively technical science fiction story and yet did not slip into slapstick. I suppose that psychologically he maintained his casual demeanor in order no to panic his companions but regardless of the reason it was effective.

    I eagerly watched Tom Baker’s “Dr Who” on PBS and have found his narration of “Little Britain” to be rollicking good fun and his appearance in “Black Adder” to be incredibly entertaining. Sadly he has not been as visible since leaving Dr Who as I might have liked.
  • The best Doctor Who ever was Tom Baker. I find myself comparing all others to him. I would love to one day own all the episodes in which he starred as the good Doctor.

    Tom Baker is by far the best Doctor Who ever. I may be a bit bias because he was the first one that I was introduced to as Doctor Who. I have went so far as to look into purchasing the episodes that have him as the good Doctor but for now the price range is a little out of my range. It is most definitely on my one day to be purchased list. I don\'t know what he did before or what he has done since but to me he was the greatest.