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      Tom Baker did voiceovers for Etch a Sketch & Prime Computers.


      Tom Baker did a VHS advertisement for the release of Doctor Who 34 years ago for the BBC. His words were: "You have the power to protect your Universe." Since then Doctor Who is now available on DVD.

    • Up until years later, Tom Baker is the only actor who never watched his episodes of Doctor Who.  Today, Tom owns a collection of DVDs of his Doctor Who and watches them.

    • Ever since he declined to appear in The Five Doctors, Tom Baker has regrets about not appearing.  In an interview, he went on record and said that working on Doctor Who changed his life, and felt bad about the way he treated producers.  Tom said it was childish and stupid of what he did.

    • Tom Baker got angry on the set of The Armageddon Factor at producers, but he got along very well with the director, Brian Hayles.

    • When John Nathan-Turner took over as producer of Doctor Who in 1981, he changed the Fourth Doctor's costume, and Tom Baker was very angry about it.  Tom was not the only person furious about this.  Lalla Ward and Christopher H. Bidmaid were also angry at JNT for taking Doctor Who in a new direction.  None of them liked that at all.

    • Tom Baker made alot of friends on the set of Doctor Who.

    • Tom Baker's most memorable role was playing Anatole Blaylock  a former Interpole Agent turned murderer in Remington Steele entittled "Hounded Steele" in 1984.

    • Tom Baker's favrote roles besodes playing Doctor Who, also included playing numerous roles as a villian.

    • Tom Baker is best remembered for getting angry on the set of Doctor Who.  He never liked John Nathan-Turner, though they became friendly later on.

    • In October 2008, Tom gave a workshop at the Trinity theater before a performance of Love Letters with Louise Jameson and Colin Baker. The proceed from the performance were donated to the theatre. The venue is threatened by the drastic cut in funding from the Arts Council.

    • Tom Baker narrated missing scenes in the VHS version of the Doctor Who episode Shada when the episode could not be completed due to a Strike.

    • Tom provides the Voice Over for a number of Ads, including Tui Beer in New Zealand, Wonder White bread in Australia and Duracel batteries.

    • Tom provides the Voice Over for the Qantas In Sky Shopping advertisements, played on Qantas international flights

    • Tom Baker narrated the Patrick Troughton Doctor Who Audio Adventure: The Power of the Daleks.

    • In 1982, shortly after he left Doctor Who, another Tom Baker, an American actor who starred in the Andy Warhol film, I A Man had died from a drug overdose, several reports falsely stated that this Tom Baker had died

    • Tom Baker to date, has refused to play in the Doctor Who audio plays.

    • Tom Baker gave Jon Pertwee the nickname, "The Tall Lightbulb."

    • Refused to take part in Doctor Who: The Five Doctors.

    • It is often rumoured that Tom didn't like working with Mathew Waterhouse (Adric) and Janet Fielding (Tegan)

    • In 1975, while in character as the Doctor, Tom turned on the Blackpool Illuminations.

    • The Golden Voyage of Sinbad was Tom's first successful role. Tom was working on a construction site at the time as he had trouble making ends meet by dedicating all his time to acting.

    • At the beginning of his career and prior to his Doctor Who success, Tom was once given the nickname Boiler Suit Tom by the press. He had been supplied for a press conference with some old studio set clothes as he had nothing appropriate to wear.

    • Tom and his wife have a lot of cats.

    • Jon Culshaw, renowned impersonator and star of the comedy series Dead Ringers has repeatedly done an impersonation of Tom playing the Doctor.

    • A song named after Tom Baker appeared on The Human League's album 'Travelogue.' The tune was an instrumental, included as an extra track on the compact disc.

    • In the late 1990's, it was reported that Tom Baker was a candidate for the role of Gandalf in Peter Jackson's epic adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

    • Tom has written an autobiography entitled "Who on Earth is Tom Baker?" which was published in 1997.

    • In 2005 a survey of Adults in the United Kingdom, Tom Baker's voice was voted the fourth most recognizable - after Queen Elizabeth, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher.

    • 1st Wife: Anna Wheatcroft (1961-1966) (divorced) 2 children
      2nd Wife: Lalla Ward (1980-1982) (divorced)
      3rd Wife: Sue Jerrard (1986-Present)

    • Father: John Stewart Baker

    • Mother: Mary Jane Baker

    • Height: 6`3

    • Tom was largely unknown, unemployed actor who had actually written to the BBC seeking work shortly before he was cast for in his most famous role as The Doctor in Original Doctor Who.

    • He is the current "elder stateman" of Doctor Who having inherited that unofficial title upon the death of predecessor Jon Pertwee in May 1996.

    • Has long curly hair.

    • An image of him appeared in The Simpsons shown in 1995.

    • Tom does voice-overs on TalkSport.

    • He is currently the oldest surving former Doctor Who actor (ahead of Colin Baker by 10 years).

    • He is a voice-over artist for television commercials in the UK.

    • He has performed with the National Theatre, the Bristol Old Vic and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

    • He is the longest serving Doctor Who, his time in the role stretching from December 1974 until March 1981.

  • Quotes

    • Tom Baker: In the end it was not hard to leave the programme. I felt it in my finger-tips that the time had come to move over and give someone else a chance. There was nothing more I could do with it.

    • Tom Baker: The programme is like a hovercraft - on a fine line all the time. You don't dare touch the ground. I think it must have been the part of the Doctor that kept me fresh and young. All that fantasy is good for the mind, you know.

    • Tom Baker: The Doctor isn't really an acting part. It's a matter of being inventive enough to project credibility to scenes which aren't credible.

    • Tom Baker: I remember, I was returning with a colleague from Blackpool on a Saturday afternoon and I wanted to see the episode being shown that day. So we stopped at a television shop and asked if we could watch the programme. The assistant said she was just closing, but we could go to her house nearby and see it. When we got there we found her two children glued to the programme which had just started. I sat down quietly. Suddenly one of the children looked across at me. The he looked back at the set. The he looked back at me again. He couldn't believe his eyes!

    • Tom Baker: I went to one of the Doctor Who conventions in Los Angeles. These people were coming up with theories about the Doctor I could not understand. I asked them what they wanted and they all wanted the same thing. Would I take them with me in the TARDIS? It was very strange.

    • Tom Baker: I was terribly out of work when I got the Doctor Who job. I was temporarily on a building site when the BBC asked me. A few weeks later some of the men went out to buy the racing edition of the Standard and there was my picture on the front page. The BBC had told me not to tell anyone. Those men just couldn't believe it, their cement mixer becoming Doctor Who.

    • Tom Baker: (When asked how he felt about having a star named after him) I'm over the moon!

    • Tom Baker: (In a guest column for the Radio Times, regarding the new Doctor Who series) I did watch a little bit of the new Doctor Who and I think the new fella, Tennant, is excellent.

    • Tom Baker: I wasn't interested in novelty... I was looking for good drama.