Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger


5/31/1949, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Michael Moore


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Don't let Tom's Hollywood looks fool you. He has cautiously thumbed his nose at the town during most of his career, making no excuses for the kinds of films he does, past or present. And after over 20 years in the business he is still a respectable draw…more


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    • Tom Berenger: Around mid-life everyone goes maniac a little bit.

    • (on being mobbed for autographs) Tom Berenger: It won't look like your handwriting because you're just being shoved and you're writing so fast. It can never look like your handwriting. You're either being pushed from behind or pushed from the side, even by the security guy, "Move along, keep moving."

  • Great actor.

    Love him in almost everything he does.
  • Tom Berenger is the epitome of what a leading male actor should be. To me his rugged good looks,strong broad shoulders & physique are what makes him stand out as a man and Hollywood Hunk. It's a shame his TV series The Peacemakers was taken off the air.moreless

    I hope when Tom Berenger does the Stephen King short story this summer,it will either be made into a TV show or give Tom a taste to get back into doing more movies.When his TV series "the Peacemakers" was taken off the air,I'm sure he was disappointed that the network wouldn't do more to push the show(I'm sure if it was a ridiculous reality show,they would of gone the extra mile),but I know as soon as he gets the right script or writes his own script,he;ll be back bigger and better then ever without a bitter taste in his mouth.You go Tom!!!moreless