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  • this guy is kind of cheesy and annoying, but he has his good moments too.

    They need to replace him on the video show, but it's not all his faults you can only watch someone get kicked in the crotch so many times. He is just annoying to me, he can stay on the Dancing with the stars because I don't watch that show at all. I see he is from Massachusetts which explains all his liberal dialogue. That's not why I dislike him you expect liberal dialouge on ABC, that is all that network does, but he just gets on my nerves. He isn't a bad host just cheesy and annoying we have gone through enough of that with past hosts on that Americas Funniest Home Video's. I don't even watch that often but when I do it's only for a short time because that's all I can really stand to listen to him.
  • Humor...the comments Tom Bergerob makes on AFV are quite quirky and not humorous at all. People getting hurt is not funny either. How has this show been aloud on so long? Pull him and hire a real comedian.

    AFV needs to get a new and funny host. Tom is poor and is not a comedian. Cutting and pasting his face on scenes is really dumb! Poor overall rating with a unfunny host. In order to host shows like Dancing With The Stars and America's Funniest Video one should be of talent. There are many more talented, humorous actors and actresses out there. When will ABC and the money sponsors realize Tom Bergeron is a poor host? Watch the episode with actress Melissa Gilbet. Her son even gave Tom some weird looks! I am sure he is a very nice man personally but is not cut out to be an actor of tv host. Tom...stay on radio!
  • Tom is an American TV show host. He may be best known for the host of America's Funniest Home Videos, Hollywood Square, Dancing with the Stars. He shares a Daytime Emmy with Bob Barker.

    One of his first jobs on television was as host of the local PBS game show Granite State Challenge. He had an early-morning radio show in the early 90's called The Tom Bergeron Show on WBZ radio in Boston. He also hosted People are Talking With Tom Bergeron on WBZ-TV. In 1996, he was the co-host of Fox After Breakfast along with Laurie Hibberd. This show ran for one year on Fox; it eventually became The Vicki Lawrence Show after a number of cast changes. ABC news signed Tom to a news contract sometime and was guest hosted on Good Morning America and running. When Charles Gibson left the show, Bergeron was considered as a permanent replacement but that job went to Kevin Newman. Bergeron is married and has two daughters. He lives in Connecticut. Overall he should have been a bigger star.
  • The perfect host ever.

    Great guy. Funny. Happy he finally won an Emmy.
  • As far as relatives go, my memories of him are positive ones.

    Tom and I are first cousins so I know a few things about him. He was in fact a mime, as stated in his bio, and as a kid I found it very entertaining.He is about 15 years older than I am. He was a radio DJ as well.I havent seen or talked to him in a few decades,but as far as relatives go,he was certainly a favorite. My perception of him is charming and someone you would like to have in the room. My name is Marc A Bergeron and if you catch up with him tell him I said hi.
  • Personal favorite but underrated!

    I first saw Tom when he was doing the Fox
    Breakfast back in 1996 and he gotten to be a bigger
    Star like his former co-worker Jeff Probst is. Tom is
    Underrated but also is very likable. Being on Hollywood Squares as well as host Dancing with the Stars, America's Funniest Home Videos, and other talk and game shows.
    Very talented guy IMO!
  • Really funny guy!

    I just love Tom Bergeron. I mean those reviews who said that he isnt funny they just dont have a life. Seriously, he made AFV such an awesome show. The new sections like the slow-mo and pasting his face on the video was totally funny. The first two host, especially the girl, was really lame and stupid. Their jokes are not funny at all. But when Tom Bergeron AFV has certainly improved. he is just a simply awesome guy. Hope he stays in AFV forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever :)
  • The Best Host For "America's Funniest Home Videos" Ever!

    I First Saw Tom when he hosted "Hollywood Squares" Back in 1998 and I Absoultly loved the Guy! He's So Great and Funny I'm so Happy He's now hosting "America's Funniest Home Videos" Man! It's because of him I Watch AFV, I Never liked The Preivious Hosts Bob Saget was great for a while but He got abit annoying with those Voice Impressions he made. Tom Dosent do that at all and I Like his Sagments (His "Home Videos", "Slowmo Gizzmo" & "Head, Gut or Gorin") better. Keep On Rockin' Tom!
  • My favorite host EVER!!!! =D

    Tom Bergeron is amazing!!! I first saw him while watching "America's Funniest Home Videos." I used to watch that show when I was a little kid, so I saw the hosts change from time to time. I must say that Tom is by far my favorite. He's just so funny! He doesn't read what others tell him too. He always has some witty comment to mention that makes me and the audience laugh until we've got tears in our eyes! When I found out he was hosting "Dancing with the Stars" as well, I just had to watch it! I'm really glad I did too! "Dancing with the Stars" is one of my favorite shows and has been ever since I started watching it. He's always making fun of one of the three judges or the dancers or even his co-host, Samantha. He's just so funny!