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  • Humor...the comments Tom Bergerob makes on AFV are quite quirky and not humorous at all. People getting hurt is not funny either. How has this show been aloud on so long? Pull him and hire a real comedian.

    AFV needs to get a new and funny host. Tom is poor and is not a comedian. Cutting and pasting his face on scenes is really dumb! Poor overall rating with a unfunny host. In order to host shows like Dancing With The Stars and America's Funniest Video one should be of talent. There are many more talented, humorous actors and actresses out there. When will ABC and the money sponsors realize Tom Bergeron is a poor host? Watch the episode with actress Melissa Gilbet. Her son even gave Tom some weird looks! I am sure he is a very nice man personally but is not cut out to be an actor of tv host. Tom...stay on radio!