Tom Braidwood





9/27/1948 , British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Thomas E. Braidwood




Born September 27, 1948, in British Columbia, Canada, Tom Braidwood holds degrees in theatre and film and has long worked in both media. His first film project was a Production Assistant on 1974 film "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn."

Mr. Braidwood is generally considered to be one of a group of early experimental filmmakers in Vancouver. His avant-garde film short, "Backbone", made in 1972, has been featured at a couple of presentations given at the Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver as an example of the work done at that time.

The majority of his resume credits involve producing and directing, most recently and perhaps most successfully his association with the CBC series "Da Vinci's Inquest". He was one of the producers for the series' second season and was rewarded with both a Leo and a Gemini award for Best Dramatic Series (shared with fellow producer Lynn Barr and Chris Haddock, the series creator and Executive Producer). Mr Braidwood has also directed or co-directed several episodes for the show and even appeared in one episode as a used-car lot owner, complete with cowboy hat and boots.

Another producing success story is his work with Jack Darcus and the film "Silence", which found its way to the 1999 Sundance Film Festival's Native Vision in Cinema Forum.

He has participated in a number of behind-the-scenes roles including being a Production Assistant on the films "The Changeling" and "Harry Tracy" and crew work on TV series "Danger Bay" and "21 Jump Street". After "The X-Files" run in Vancouver (he spent those five seasons as one of the First Assistant Directors), he worked on the third season of "Millennium".

In a couple of movies in which he has worked, "Harry Tracy" and "My American Cousin", he has momentarily appeared on screen, but it is his role of Melvin Frohike on "The X-Files" for which he is most recognized. Recruited at the last minute by episode director William Graham (who once referred to Braidwood as 'extremely odd'), he uttered five words which has fueled the Frohike persona: She's hot. She *is* hot.

A recent project, the short film "Tilt", is in post-production. He plays the lead role of Sam Penzer, a sales man who has just lost his job and is trying to get home in the middle of a transit strike. Based upon "Don Quixote", the writer/director, producer, and many of the crew had previously worked on "The X Files".

Mr. Braidwood is married with two daughters: Kate - who appeared as the usherette who met an untimely end in the XF episode The Pine Bluff Variant - and Jessica - who appears to be following in her father's footsteps with her crew work on "Tilt" and "Lake Placid" and as a location scout for the third and fourth seasons of "Da Vinci's Inquest".